Self-image smackdown!

Let’s get deep for a moment (I’d rather have deep conversations than superficial ones any day, wouldn’t you?).

The qualities you believe to be true about yourself, as well as the potential you’re capable of creating, are determined by the self-identity you maintain. Furthermore, the ideas and assumptions you hold true about yourself determine your perceived level of value and worthiness

Your success and happiness are determined by your self-identity and self-image.
Your self-image is determined by your thoughts and beliefs about who you know yourself to be.
Your thoughts and beliefs are determined by your self-worth. 
Your self-worth is directly correlated to your self-image.

So you are actually the only one who can (and will) determine what you limit or allow to flow into your life based upon whether or not the outside world aligns with the image you hold about yourself in your mind’s eye and heart of hearts. 

If your self-image says, “You’re lazy if you’re not working,” and you don’t identify with being lazy, then you’ll do whatever it takes to avoid putting yourself in a position that could label yourself as such. There is no possibility that you would find it enjoyable and relaxing doing nothing when there is work that could be done. Your inner self simply won’t allow it.  You’ll unknowingly sacrifice your health, wealth, and happiness to protect this belief.

If your self-image says, “I’m not capable of doing it on my own,” then you’ll repeatedly find yourself in situations that validate and reinforce that deeply held belief.  You’ll stay in the relationship longer than you should, keep yourself small in your business or career, and let opportunities pass you by because you don’t trust yourself to be able to succeed.

When you recognize you’re in this state of incongruence, then take a close look at your self-image and determine if it’s working for you, because you will always receive exactly what you believe is true and possible.  The Universe can only give you in direct proportion to what it is you are asking for and believing.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. 

The internal confusion needs to be sorted out so you can create the success and lifestyle that will put more meaning and joy back into life.  It’s a beautiful opportunity that will present itself to you again and again until you identify what beliefs you need to reframe and reimagine who you know yourself to be. A more authentic understanding of yourself and your importance will shift everything you experience. 

So, if your way of thinking and experiencing life hasn’t been working the way you would like, then try another way.  Try mine.  I can help you tap into those underlying core misperceptions you have and show you how to shift them so you can leverage the power within and around you. 

Apply here to book a call and let yourself transform into who you are meant to be.

Lots of love,

P.S. Remember that you have a choice in what to believe.  If your current beliefs aren’t working for you, be willing to explore others that will help you succeed.  Click here to download my Belief Change worksheet to start making that shift.  

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