Sneaky self-sabotage blocks your results

Something feels off.

You can feel it in your gut, in your bones, in your heart.  You hear it in your thoughts and the words you say out loud. You see it in your actions that betray your end goals.

You know what needs to be done, but you just can’t seem to find the time or energy to do the things that will help you reach the next level of your growth.

It’s your foe, self-sabotage.

Although the intention of this unconscious behavior at its core is well-meaning, the methods it employs will only ever produce the same outcomes you’ve been experiencing. The little voice that speaks inside your mind is filled with self-doubt, fear, and limited thinking and will throw up resistance every time you try to move beyond your comfort zone.

It’s there to pull you back, to keep you in an outdated idea of safety that has allowed you to survive up to this point.

So it will provide plenty of reasons why something can’t or shouldn’t be done, why your situation must remain unchanged, or why you’re not in a position to make a decision (or the decision you want to choose) in this moment.  It will keep you stuck in the problem of ‘how’ to do something or cause you to feel like you don’t know the answers.

It must be mastered in order for you to elevate your results and the personal, financial, and professional freedoms that come with it.

You begin that mastery by becoming aware of it when it’s taking place.  Whenever you experience a situation in which you find yourself acting in opposition to your ultimate desires, that’s an opportunity to focus inward.  More often than not, the times you feel yourself not gaining traction or momentum is typically when it requires a new level of being and behaving.

You must embody the person and outcomes you wish to become and experience so that those results can flow to you. That’s hard to do on your own without feedback from someone who can hold the vision for you and hold you accountable to breaking through the plateau of your resistance to your next level.

Then when you understand how you’re getting in your own way, you can identify the next steps that will help you make that shift.  Your inner saboteur will continue to sound the alarm in the background, so you’ll need to have clarity on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it so you can overcome any self-imposed obstacles.

That’s when you’ll truly be able to shift out of fear and overwhelm so you can make aligned decisions from a place of faith in yourself and a deep belief in your abilities to achieve your personal and professional goals, knowing you’ll triumph over anything you may encounter either inwardly or outwardly on your way to success.

You can do this (Yes, you!).

Lots of love,

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