Speaking up for what you need

A single word can make the difference between life and death.

They contain within them the energy of intention and creation.  The power to alter the course of any experience and ultimately, your life.

Just ask someone who’s been given devastating news.  Those are words they’d erase in a heartbeat if they could.

Just ask anyone who’s ever felt stifled, minimized, or suppressed.  A portion of themselves becomes closed off or held back in self-protection despite the longings of their inner desires.  

Just ask anyone who’s stood against an offender.  The words spoken allow them to reclaim portions of themselves they had lost and empower them to believe more deeply in their own worth.

Just ask yourself how freeing it felt the last time you spoke your truth, even when your voice shook.

What you think and speak matters.

“I create as I speak,” the literal translation of abracadabra, reminds you that t
he words you use for, toward, or on behalf of yourself, others, or your purpose-driven creations will either breathe new life into you or eat away at your soul. 

It is not just magical thinking but rather a scientifically-validated understanding of your innate ability to co-create your life.  

Withholding your truth diminishes the opportunities for both you and another to lean deeper into authenticity.  That authenticity is exactly what’s necessary to achieve your highest potential.

Yet the remnants of your ancestral witch wound, when it literally wasn’t safe to speak up or speak out (or risk almost certain death) or your mother wound, when you were expected to be seen and not heard (or risk rejection from not conforming), still pull at aspects of your confidence when it comes to using your voice.  Those imprinted, lingering, body and soul memories can feel terrifying when you attempt to become more transparent and vulnerable with sharing your beliefs, who you truly are, and what matters most to you.

Speaking up for what you need is exactly what’s required in order to achieve inner peace and personal fulfillment, along with the more tangible goals that you’ve set for yourself.

This might mean 
having difficult conversations about your fears and truest desires, communicating with a team member to better align responsibilities, advocating for your own wellness when you feel there are alternative options…

It’s your job to find the voice of your authentic self and use it for your best and highest good, as well as  for those around you and beyond.  Even if it causes momentary discomfort or instability.  

In the end, you must allow the power of your words to create greater financial freedom, better relationships with loved ones, and a positive difference in the world.  

Doing so will allow you to create a lifestyle that honors who you are and live without regrets.

And you deserve nothing less, , don’t you agree?

Lots of love,

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