Stepping into your fear

How can you move from where you are to where you want to be when you’re overwhelmed with fear?

The truth is, you can’t.

In order to move towards everything you want, you have to be willing to acknowledge you’re getting in your own way. You need to face your resistance no matter how convincing or comfortable it feels.

The higher levels of joy and fulfillment, authenticity and alignment, and abundance and success of which you are capable of all hinge on you being able to become fully aware of your situation and move through the obstacles that present themselves.

That includes the grip that fear may have over you.

Fear masks itself as legitimate ‘reasons’ why you cannot take certain action, so you justify staying stuck because you’re consumed with the catastrophic ideas of what might happen or how it could go wrong.

Your “monkey mind” plays a loop of possibilities that may or may not occur.

It lives in the memories of your past. In an attempt to avoid the terror of the unknown, your mind distracts, diverts, and delays your efforts.

The problem is that you can only live an empowered life by releasing the limitations that are holding you back from living your highest potential.

So your next step invites you to choose differently than what may feel comfortable to you. It requires a deeper level of trust in yourself and courage that you can overcome and achieve success (whatever that means to you).

Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. Ask yourself HOW you could reach your goal, rather than focusing on the obstacles. This shifts your mind out of limitations and into possibilities.
  2. Get clear on what your specific next step would be if you weren’t afraid (or didn’t have the “reason” that’s held you back). It’s easier to believe something is possible when you understand the path to reach it.
  3. Identify what you need in order to feel safe to take that next step. Do you need to have more confidence or faith? A clear strategy? Help or support from someone else? Then find a way to meet that need. This helps your subconscious mind to become willing to release the resistance and do what needs to be done.
So much greatness is available on the other side of your fear.

Be willing to truthfully witness what comes up for you so you can have greater happiness, more meaning, and deeper connections as you move through it.

Lots of love,

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