Strengthen Your Bending Boundaries

We have such good intentions, we really do.

In moments of strength and clarity, we proclaim our worth and declare that nothing is going to pull us down or shift us off course.  With confidence we profess our determination to honor our innate value and set firm boundaries for what we will and won’t accept into our lives.

Then something comes along that pushes against the lines we said hold and we feel resistance.  We justify why we need to allow that crossing.  Afterwards, we beat ourselves up for having been weak and not following through.  Again.

Left unchecked, it’s a cycle that will continue to erode your self-confidence and self-esteem every time you allow your boundaries to bend. You’ll begin to second-guess your choices. You’ll hesitate on saying yes to opportunities and regret when they slip by.  You’ll say no to things that you don’t want and add another task to the never-ending mountain of responsibilities that fall upon your shoulders.

What we often don’t realize is that establishing healthy boundaries is an act of self-love. 

We teach people what we think about ourselves in every interaction we have.  Yet the most important interaction we have is the one with ourselves. It’s the one that matters most because it directly impacts how you show up in the world.

Strengthen your boundaries so that your life fills you with meaning and joy.  Strengthen your sense of self so that you no longer tolerate mistreatment and misalignment.  Strengthen the love you have for yourself so that you know in the depths of your soul of your utmost worthiness to have anything and everything you desire and nothing less.

It’s all within your reach.
Big hugs,

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P.S. It’s not your fault.  We’ve often not been taught how to establish strong healthy boundaries. But, that can now change. Reach out if you’ve struggled with sticking with yours.

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Life doesn’t have to be a struggle and you don’t have to put yourself last or wait until the time is right.

You’ve spent a lifetime caring for everyone and everything else and, more often than not, have put your dreams and desires on the back burner. You’ve settled for things that no longer make you happy, and if you’re being honest, often go through the days just checking things off your to-do list without really being present or enjoying them fully.

Sometimes, in order to avoid the feelings that come up you go to extremes – working too much, eating too much, drinking too much, numbing out in front of the tv or on social media to get away from it all for just awhile.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

Let’s get you some support so you can return to the joy of living.  Let’s help you remember what it’s like to be completely confident in yourself and your choices so you know you’re living your best life possible.

The longer you wait, the farther your dreams drift away.

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