Struggling with Mom guilt? You’re not alone

Let’s talk about Mom-guilt.

It’s real.  It’s powerful.  It’s not talked about enough.

If you’re like most women these days, you’re the breadwinner for your family.

More than likely, you’re quite successful and accomplished in your career.  You’re a leader and excel at what you do.  Yet when it comes to your children, you worry you’re not showing up for them the way you want to be.

You’ve been giving your all (and then some) at work but it’s taking it’s toll in your personal life.  You might find yourself being cranky and short-tempered, distracted and overwhelmed.

Your mind won’t turn off at night, you wake exhausted, and your body’s letting you know it needs attention (headaches, racing heart, premature aging…).  The long hours, late nights, and persistent stress have perhaps felt endless for quite some time.

Most women I speak with worry they’re not spending enough time with their children.  The interactions they do have with them have become more transactional rather than a loving connection:

“Eat this, clean that, let’s get in the car…” rather than, “I see you, I love you, what made your day great?”

Perhaps, like them, you worry you’re not present enough to spend quality time with them, not making the memories you thought you would, and you start to doubt yourself.

It often brings up a lot of feelings of shame and guilt, or frustration and sadness at the cycle you’ve found yourself in.

Here’s what you need to remember:

You have the power to make a difference.

In any moment, you can choose something different.  You can see things from a different perspective and choose again.  You don’t need to continue the self-attack or even the lifestyle you’re living if it’s not serving you.

Shift your mindset:

  • Find a new balance that works for you by identifying (and eliminating) the causes of your stress and overwhelm.  As you shift back towards greater alignment of how you want to live, you’ll naturally start to engage with your loved ones in a more meaningful way.
  • Get clear on the areas that feel off course in your life, so you can shift things at their core (no more temporary fixes that never work).
  • Make a firm decision that you will do whatever it takes so you’re moving in the direction of greater personal success and fulfillment (whatever that means for you).
  • Drop the guilt, remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can with your current strategies, and commit to putting your needs first so you can fully engage with your family when you are with them.

Apply the actions:

  • Implement a specific strategy that will allow you to shift into better work/life balance.  Where in your life do you need to do less so you can do more with your children?
  • Leverage help from other people who can support you in reaching your goals.
  • Utilize a proven process so you can transition into greater happiness quicker and easier than trying to figure it out all on your own.
  • Be willing to take bold, courageous action to leave your comfort zone and experience something different.  Nothing changes if everything stays the same.
This is a place to start… I promise you, you can achieve this. It’s what I teach (in depth) in my program that shows women how to take control of their life/work balance so they can create deeper meaning, better health, and the freedom of lifestyle to honor their soul.

If this feels overwhelming to do this on your own, let’s talk for free.  You can book a call here.

Lots of love,

P.S. I’ve noticed self-doubt and isolation make overcoming Mom guilt feel insurmountable.  You don’t have to do this on your own and I can help. Book a call and let’s talk about your next steps to stopping the overwhelm so you can get your life back (and make memories you’re proud of).

You deserve this.  Click the image below and let’s talk.

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