Success leaves clues in your environment

Want to make more money, have healthier relationships, and a stronger connection to yourself?

Then take a look at what’s going on within your own mind.

It might seem unrelated but your thoughts, feelings, and energetics all impact the tangible results and experiences you have in life.  What you see happening on the outside is also happening on the inside of you. There is both correlation and causation of your internal set point to your physical reality.

This happens because your external world is a direct reflection of what is taking place in your inner world and your environment is an extension of you.  As within, so without.

The way you think about yourself, your abilities, and your impact in the world will profoundly influence how you show up in your work, your personal relationships, your relationship with money, and your own health.

Your thoughts, in turn, directly influence your feelings.  The behaviors and actions you choose to move forward with are motivated by your thoughts and feelings.  Attempting to implement new behaviors that are not supported by your authentic thoughts and feelings about their importance or validity will only be sustainable until your willpower and energy fades.

On a quantum metaphysical level, your energetic vibration literally aligns all possibilities that are congruent with the resonance of your energetic state, collapsing everything that is not.  In order to have opportunities and experiences you’ve not yet achieved, you must turn within to discover the energy you’re bringing to each situation and the overall state of vibration that you hold.  You will need to eliminate the source of your inner discord so that you can transform and uplevel your energetic state to a vibration that’s in harmony with what you desire.

Not only that, but your physical surroundings also reflect your internal state of mind.  Peace, calm, and order are indicators of a mindset that supports those outcomes.  Alternatively, thoughts and beliefs filled with stress, chaos, and disorder will produce similar results.

Success leaves clues in your environment if you are knowledgeable enough to discover them.

But you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s also hard to be objective and impartial when you’re so close to the situations, otherwise you would have shifted them already and accomplished everything you set out to achieve.  That’s why it can be difficult on your own to identify where you might be getting in your own way and preventing your success.

Nothing ever happens in isolation. You can’t grow your business, your relationships, or yourself personally without the help of others.  But you can start to recognize what feels good or where you’re off-track from where you want to be.

Ultimately, it’s about matching your inner world of thoughts and beliefs with your outer world of reality.

From there, you can figure out the fastest path to help you achieve your goals.

Go ahead and take your next step.

You’ve got this.  

Sending lots of love,

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