The #1 reason you have self-doubt

You can feel it in your body and see it in your actions.

You’re about to have a difficult conversation and you feel your stomach tie itself in knots, your breathing becomes shallow, and your throat tightens as you start to speak.

You’re about to put yourself out there in an important meeting and you silently question what you’re about to say, how it will be received, and if you’re doing the right thing.

You’re about to start a new project and find yourself getting distracted, putting off what needs to be done, getting stuck in analysis paralysis, or wanting it to be perfect before anyone sees it.

When that happens, you’re in resistance.

Resistance is a reflection of where you are compared to where you have the potential to be. It’s a temporary misalignment between what you’re experiencing and what is trying to come through for you on your way to your next level of growth and potential.

You experience self-doubt in the gap between who you are (or believe yourself to be) and who you can become (and are meant to be).

If your mindset and self-image are not aligned with what you’re trying to accomplish, it’ll arise to sabotage you whenever you attempt to make a significant or meaningful change.  So rather than fully engaging in the present moment and witnessing the limiting thoughts it triggers within you as you feel and experience it completely, it will cause you to shift into self-doubt.  That state of uncertainty will cause you to stay stuck, limiting the actions you take and the life you live.

Avoidance and procrastination only delay the actions that are needed to reach the end result you want.  Denial keeps you stuck and unchanging.  Fighting it wounds you (and perhaps others) in the process, and pretending everything is fine is inauthentic and minimizes your worth. These coping strategies might feel satisfying in the moment because they don’t cause you to feel uncomfortable, yet do nothing to overcome your self-doubt and address the underlying thoughts and beliefs which cause it so you can ultimately over it.

The way forward is to move through what is in front of you, to move through the resistance.

Acknowledge the gap and call out your self-doubt.  Its presence shows you the edges of your beliefs and is an invitation toward deeper personal growth and expansion so you can fulfill your highest potential and show up more authentically and fully in your relationships, career, and passions.

As you allow yourself to move past the resistance, you shift into a stage of exploration where you become willing to dive deeper into the truth of your situation and core beliefs.  From that exploration comes transformation, from which in turn comes deeper authenticity and alignment with your deepest desires.

You start to face the things you’ve been resisting.  You get out of your head and let your heart’s inner authority guide you because you understand that who you are is bigger than you have allowed yourself to believe, and you trust that you have more power than the power you have claimed.

You discover the lessons that are available for you in each moment and use them as opportunities to increase your confidence and connection to your highest Self and the things that are meaningful to you.

As you embrace the uncertainty outside of your comfort zone and become open to new possibilities, you gain the courage to take bold action despite the self-doubt that shows up.

In doing so, you pave the way for a more authentic and soul-led life.

You deserve nothing less.

May you see yourself as the powerful person you are and allow yourself to overcome and rise.  It’s your time and you’re ready.

Lots of love,

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