The connection between vulnerability and success

Your mindset determines your success.

When you believe in yourself and what you are doing, the world rises up to meet you.

You think and act in a way that supports the outcomes you wish to achieve.

Confidence, certainty, and courage influence your choices and you make those choices from a place of faith (in yourself and the Universe) rather than from fear. You hold yourself taller, prouder, and take up more space with your body and voice.

As you go all in, relationships deepen and evolve, abundance and opportunities appear, you feel more peaceful and relaxed, in the flow, and life feels good.

No matter the obstacles which may appear, you hold to the belief that you’re capable of navigating and overcoming them easily and trust you are being guided by a Universe that supports your best and highest good.

That’s in stark contrast to the self-doubt, uncertainty, and second-guessing that goes through your mind when you’re not fully aligned with who you are and how you wish to live your life.

There is a point in your journey of success and self-discovery where you must be willing to vulnerably acknowledge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

It is a point you will revisit many times as the path of your awakening unfolds to deeper levels of truth within you and how you’re showing up in the world.

You can’t avoid it, bypass it, or neglect it if you want to transition into your next level of potential.

The opportunity to discover what is getting in the way of your joy, fulfillment, and success is a gift that empowers you to take greater control over the direction of your life and the blessings it creates.

Chances are you tend to get stuck at a certain point and then plateau.

Begin to notice any patterns that appear in your relationships, career, and health.  Your vulnerability will allow you to discover what holds you back so you can take the steps to feel aligned and inspired again.

It shows you where the wounds of your past need to be healed as well as those of your ancestors that you also unconsciously carry.

You can be the one who will breakthrough, , and break the cycle of generations past so that you and those that follow in your footsteps can walk in the world with deeper truth and understanding.

Abundance, connection, and deeper meaning are your reward. You can leave a legacy of how you changed the world in your own special way.

Your vulnerability to greater personal awareness also highlights for you where support is needed to transcend the subconscious patterns that sabotage your efforts and erode your confidence and the results you experience.

You don’t know what you don’t know and getting support to give you the strategy to address both the inner work and the outer actions will transform your success.

Allow your vulnerability to move through you and guide you to the layers of insight and healing that are ready to be revealed.

Let it remind you of your power, your inner strength, and your inner wisdom.

Your potential for greatness is beyond your wildest dreams.

Consider how it would feel if you allowed yourself to open to the possibility that you could love yourself more deeply, have a more magnificent impact on the world, and discover your own potential.

Open yourself to understand what lies within the closed or protected places of your heart. Discover the gaps that are in front of you but you haven’t been able to see.

Your life will never be the same when you do.

And you deserve nothing less than everything you wish for.

Sending you lots of love,

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