The easiest way to find joy

Are you focused on the To Do’s and tasks, continuous busyness, and the hustle and grind that each day brings?

So many people feel they need to constantly be to “on” in order to produce the results they want. They become off-balanced, overwhelmed, and burn out when they don’t give themselves permission to disengage, if even for a moment.

More often than not, they lose sight of the deeper reasons and forget why they’ve been working so hard. 

For some it’s the financial gain or independence it’ll generate that will allow you to create a lifestyle you love for yourself and your family, as well as new experiences, opportunities, and a different state of internal balance not available otherwise.  Sometimes, it’s the desire for the security that comes with having monetary resources so you can make choices based on your desires rather than being limited by your financial situation.

For others it’s the desire to make a difference and positively impact others in your family, community, or world at large that lights the fire within you. Being a role model and positive influence on others is a motivating reward for many when you witness the fruits of your labor paying off in countless ways.

Or you might be focused on self-improvement so you can greatly shift how you show up in business, your success in managing all aspects of home, family, and work life, and your overall health and happiness.

All of those things are important.

But what also matters are the memories and the pleasure that you can experience on your journey along the way to those goals.

The easiest way to find joy is to be here now. Remembering that this moment, and every moment, is the only one you have and the future isn’t guaranteed.

So soak up the simple pleasures of every day moments and live in the present.

Set aside thoughts of the past and ideas of the future so you can fully experience the present moment.  Fully engage with those you are with.  Witness them just as you would like to be seen and heard yourself.  Create deeper and more meaningful connections and experiences wherever you are.

Use your five sense to fully feel your experiences. Notice the colors of the space around you and how the light influences each of them.  Listen to the tones in the voices around you and the sounds that fill the spaces in between.  Sense the feel of the air around you and the way the position of your body feels.  Breathe in the smell of something you enjoy and how it makes you feel.  Savor the taste of your favorite foods and allow it to linger on your tongue.

Tune in to what might inspire you to feel more joy in this day.  What is whispering to you that might be fun, exciting, or playful?  Create new and wonderful memories with the ones you love, or just by yourself, as you allow yourself to act upon those inner desires no matter how whimsical, far-fetched, or silly they may be.  Let your higher self guide you to discovering something new and magical.

The masculine energy that drives you to succeed needs to be balanced with your feminine energy of integration, regardless if you are a male or female.  This is about learning how to live in better harmony with yourself, your responsibilities, and the world… while you are working toward everything you want for yourself at the same time.

How would your life transform if you took the pressure off yourself from having to endlessly perform?

  • How much easier would your relationships be if you weren’t always the one leading?
  • How much healthier would you be if you allowed yourself to receive and collaborate with the flow of life as it moves you?
  • How would your work transform if you invited creativity into it?

Don’t let your life pass you by without allow joy and pleasure to enter each day.  When you do, your life will transform without much effort and be tremendously rewarding.

Lots of love,

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