The key is identifying your boundaries

Many people find it easy to blame other people or situations when they’re not living the life they want.

It’s easy to look outside of yourself when things don’t go as planned, when expectations fall short, or when bad things happen.

The one thing in common between the struggles and the blessings you experience… is you.  And it really comes down to your boundaries.   

For most people, the boundaries they hold are vastly different than the boundaries required to live the life they envision for themselves.

Your self-image, your value, and your deepest core beliefs determine your internal boundary setpoint.  It’s an indication of how deserving of love, abundance, and success you see yourself to be.

Your ability to reach your goals is also determined by your boundaries… what you’re willing (or not willing) to commit to in order to achieve success.  They often keep you playing small and not living the life you were born to live.  

The people you interact with and how they treat you, are a direct reflection of how you see yourself and what you demand for in life.  The things you’re willing to tolerate or expect of and for yourself in life is determined by your sense of worthiness and importance.  

These inner limits will keep you three feet from gold if you give up on yourself too soon or don’t believe in your ultimate success.  They will cause you to self-sabotage your best efforts to accomplish something or determine how far you will truly go. 

It’s these inner boundaries that will keep you working long hours when you’d rather be spending time with your kids, settling for a crummy relationship simply because it’s become familiar and comfortable, or trading time for money because you’re good what you do but you’d really rather be following your passion and living your purpose.

Your boundaries can also show you where your old wounds are that you need to heal. 

The key is to become aware of them so you can transform them into empowering healthy ones.

Make the commitment to identifying your boundaries so you can create greater peace, stronger relationships with yourself and others, and more success in living the life you feel inspired to live. 

Lots of love,


P.S. Sometimes you can’t see your own boundaries, despite your best efforts.  If you would like an honest conversation about your situation and where you’re getting stuck, then let’s chat.  We’ll talk about your next best steps and figure out a way to solve it so you can create a life and legacy you love.

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