The real pain of staying stuck

In the last two weeks, my cat nearly died, my daughter fractured her wrist, my husband was furloughed, and a close family member living in fear won’t allow us to connect.

It’s reminded me how you can’t always control the things that happen to you, but you can control how you respond to it. 

In every moment, you are co-creating your reality.  You can’t directly control every experience that comes to you, yet you can influence the outcomes in your life.

It is a choice how you show up.
It’s a choice what you choose to believe.
It’s a choice how you move forward from the unexpected.

When things in your lives shift, you must consciously choose how to respond.
Otherwise it’s easy to find yourself avoiding acceptance of your new situation at all costs.

You can try to deny the reality of the situation, tell yourself it’s not actually happening or convince yourself there’s some way to go back to how they once were (even though you can’t).

You can get angry and rage at the circumstance, feeling helpless while proclaiming how you deserve better, but in the end that does nothing to move you closer to your new normal.

You can live in fear and convince yourself you’re more comfortable the way things have been, but in doing so, you deny yourself the opportunity of growth.

When the unexpected happens, it’s an invitation to lean into the discomfort and understand yourself more deeply.

It’s an opportunity to stretch yourself and discover what you are willing to do to make your desires come true.

It’s a call to heal the old wounds that have kept you stuck and allow yourself to embrace your truth more completely.

How you choose to respond to Life is up to you.  Yet it’s a choice that will impact your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being in each and every moment.  Be conscious of how you move forward and know that all shall be well.

Sending you lots of love,

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In today’s video I share the real pain of staying stuck.  

It’s bigger than just the missed opportunities that come from not putting yourself out there to claim something different for yourself.  

It’s a pain that is felt on the deep soulful level when you lose faith in yourself and who you truly are.  

You deserve so much more than allowing yourself to stay where you are not meant to be. 

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