The Secret to Authentic Conversations

Sometimes it’s hard to have a real and honest conversation.

So many relationships break down when others are withholding information, not speaking their truth, or saying what they think the other wants to hear.

There is, of course, a time to speak your mind and a time to keep your mouth shut.  Yet when you’re living an aligned life, there will never come a time when it’s best to be dishonest. Especially with yourself.

Authentic conversations require you to be true to yourself.

Sometimes not saying anything is saying the most powerful thing that can be said.  The softest whisper that’s filled with vulnerability can mean the difference between your success or setback. An empowered voice proclaiming truth can solidify and strengthen the way forward or shatter and destroy the seen and unseen.

Developing the ability to know which to choose is crucial.

The three most important factors you need in order to experience authentic conversations are your mindset, emotional awareness, and personal responsibility.

1. Your Mindset
Your mindset determines the thoughts you think which impact the physical sensations you feel in your body as well as the emotions you experience.  Those in turn influence your behaviors and the actions you take, resulting in the outcomes you experience.

Your mindset will determine how you use your voice and what you feel confident speaking up for.  Because of that, it will either deepen your relationships (with yourself and others) or distance you further.

With a strong mindset you believe in yourself and your abilities, you understand your worth, and have the courage to honor yourself, your life, and your truth so you can create more meaningful connections with those around you and live a life that inspires you.  Without that mindset, you end up silencing yourself, sacrificing your needs and desires, and not being true to who you are meant to be.

2. Emotional Awareness
Giving yourself permission to engage in honest introspection will reveal your deeper thoughts and feelings about the situations and people you encounter.  It allows you to understand more intimately the core thoughts and beliefs you hold, how you really feel about yourself and your worthiness, and your overall idea of your place in the world.

Without that deeper insight, you’ll remain on a superficial level of life without ever experiencing the underlying meanings behind what’s coming up for you in each moment and why.  When that happens, you’re more likely to continue to repeat unfulfilling experiences because you haven’t tapped into your deeper truths (which means you’ll encounter more disappointments, arguments, lost opportunities).

Once you develop an emotional awareness, you’re able to witness how your thoughts and beliefs are influencing your experiences so that you can communicate more them effectively and authentically.  You can discern which ideas are based on fear and which have merit.  You enable yourself to become an advocate for yourself and the things that are important to you so you can align more fully with the best version of yourself possible and experience greater happiness and success in all areas of your life.

3. Personal Responsibility
Once you know yourself more deeply, you will be able to take greater personal responsibility for yourself and how you’re showing up.  From that, you’ll be better able to identify the intention of your words you wish to communicate.  You’ll be able to understand if your words are meant to help or to harm, to clarify and connect, or to blame and confuse.  You’ll be able to better anticipate heightened emotions or potential conflict because you know yourself better and your ultimate desires.  Based on that, you’ll be able to adjust your role and participation in conversations so that you can experience the best possible outcomes of your interactions.

Knowing when to speak and when to let something pass is as much of an indication of your maturity and personal growth as it is of your emotional intelligence.  With age comes the wisdom of knowing what’s worth fighting for, when to speak up, and when silence is the best answer.  At the same time, the conversation you have with yourself in each moment demands an ongoing and transparent level of self-awareness so you can truly understand what you feel, what you want, and how to proceed.

There is a cost to words both spoken and unspoken.  Yet the cost of inauthenticity is an even steeper price to pay. Your words are either paid with regret, damage to your confidence and self-esteem, and lost opportunities or with vulnerability, wisdom, and greater peace.

Your confidence, connection to yourself and others, and the insight that can only come from self-reflection begins with an authentic conversation with yourself.

Be brave.

Choose your words wisely and allow them to be your truth, no matter who is listening.

All my love,

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