The Slippery Slope Of Self-Sacrifice

If you’re like so many women I know and work with, then chances are you’re living on the slippery slope of self-sacrifice.

At first it seems so harmless and innocent and wonder why some people make such a fuss about momentarily giving up your own needs or wishes.  It can be a noble and worthwhile thing to give of yourself so freely to a cause you believe in.

But what happens when it doesn’t feel right, you don’t believe in it, or have no desire to do it, and yet you still make that sacrifice?

You tell yourself it’s fine and it doesn’t really matter, but deep inside you know it’ll cost you.

It costs you in self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-worth.  Not to mention self-confidence.

They all take a hit when you act out of alignment with your desires.

It’s working late to make sure everything gets done at work so maybe, just maybe, they stop overlooking you.  You’re tired of trying to prove yourself or fit in and just want to be acknowledged for the value you bring. But then you feel guilty for not spending enough time with your children and beat yourself up for all the ways you are failing them by working too much.

It’s driving around everywhere, looking for all the gifts you’re supposed to buy this Christmas, but it’s become more an act of obligation than the joy of giving. You begin to wonder what’s wrong with you and why can’t you just enjoy the holidays this year? All you really want to do are the things that make you feel good and happy, but there never seems to be enough time at the end of the day.

It’s baking the mounds of cookies for those holiday celebrations when you’d rather be resting from working so hard, but everyone expects you to make them, so you do. Then due to the stress of it all, you find yourself eating or drinking too much, numbing out at the end of the day just to get that break you’ve been wanting.

This is your invitation to stop the cycle and start choosing how you experience your life.

You don’t have to wait for the new year to make that resolution to yourself to make yourself and your desires a priority.

When you do you actually find the time to do those things that are important to you (self-love).

You then give yourself permission to say yes to those things that make you feel happy and fulfilled (self-respect).

You know that what you are doing is valued and matters (self-esteem) because you feel that peace in your belly that tells you are making a difference (self-worth).

So you show up differently (self-confidence) in everything you do and because of that, your life is filled with more meaning and value.

Much love,

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Are you self-motivated and ambitious?
When you know what you want, do you go for it?

You’re a strong woman.
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When there’s a problem, you deal with it head on. You’re willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable so you can grow.

You’re willing to have those difficult conversations, make tough choices, and take responsibility for yourself and the things you want.

You want to own your full power and potential and believe there is a place and need for strong women in the world and workplace without sacrificing your soul.

You need to find a sacred space where you can honestly reveal yourself and what you’re going through.

You need mindset shifts and deep transformation to take place so you can honor the calling within you and reach your full potential so that you can impact the world in the way only you can.

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