The structure of success (HINT: it’s not what you think)

A lot of people who try to be successful in both home and career struggle with working long hours and feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

More than likely, you’ve done all the things that are supposed to bring you closer to success:

  • You’ve invested so much time, money, and hope in more self-help books than you can remember
  • You’ve downloaded the helpful apps that soon become just another task to complete
  • You created your vision boards, said your mantras and affirmations, and attended so many seminars…


Yet you still end up working the long hours and feeling overwhelmed and burned out, completely disconnected with the deeper purpose you feel inspired to live.

Success, of course, requires you to take action and actively move toward its accomplishment, yet it’s not the first (or most important) key to success. 

​​The foundation and structure of success begins within and then is turned outward.  

There IS an action plan of strategy, spirituality, and elevated mindset you can use to live more intentionally.  

But most people want to jump right into the action part because it’s more tangible and concrete.  It feels good to cross off the things on your To Do List.

But you need BALANCE.  

It’s a combination of doing … of utilizing the practical action steps that will move you forward in a visible way, but it’s also combination of being… of reflecting, receiving, and doing the inner work so you can leverage the underlying principles of the universe to co-create with you. 

The structure of success is a balance of the masculine action energy and the feminine soft energy coming together to create massive shifts within AND in your outer world.  ​​​

​​​It’s a structure that encompasses the inner work and outer actions.  The yin and the yang.​

When you have the kind of structure and strategies in place that will allow you to finally relax and feel in control, you’ll get your life back and actually feel like yourself again.  You can then finally reach the success you know you’re capable of accomplishing.  

You deserve that level of greatness.

A big part of the inner work deals with overcoming self-sabotage.  Once you overcome your subconscious blocks about your own value, your importance, and your worthiness (and how you’re getting in your own way), you’ll create stronger boundaries and develop the courage and confidence to begin making yourself and what YOU want a priority. 

Another big part of success comes from being connected to your deeper reason for being.  You’ll understand what needs to be done and be willing to overcome any obstacle in order to bring your dreams to life.

When you honor your inner calling, you’ll be inspired to dare greatly and as a result will create a profound impact in your life, your community, and the world that will be felt deeply.

The structure of success also requires a certain type of order in which things are accomplished. 

  1. Everything begins within. Success will be fleeting if your inner resistance to it is not overcome.  
  2. An empowered mindset will shift your identity, self-worth to a self-image that’s in alignment with your forthcoming success.
  3. An actionable strategy will bring you closer to reaping the fruit of success.
  4. The faith and trust in your higher purpose and co-creation with the Universe, knowing that your wish is already fulfilled.


But none of that will happen until you identify where you’re getting stuck and the benefits you’re receiving by staying small and where you are.  You’ll truly be able to get out of your own way once you ditch your old patterns and programming.

You’ll reconnect to who you really are, your life purpose, and the unique impact that only you can make without all the efforting.  Once you do, that’s when all the riches of life will come running to you

You can have it all – whatever it means for you.

I’m here if you need me by your side.

Sending so much love,


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