The truth about difficult conversations

How would your life shift if you were able to have honest conversations that actually addressed the core of an issue?

If I may…

Not only would you be rewarded with authentic connections and greater inner peace, but you would have a more profound understanding of both yourself and others.

You would feel more deeply seen and heard in your relationships because you’d allow yourself to express your true needs and wants in a more transparent and forthcoming manner, just as you would want for another.

You would feel as if you no longer had to hide a part of yourself, but are able to give and receive feedback in a constructive way that honors each person and their perspective.

New opportunities and experiences would come to you because you have the courage to share your truth and genuine desires. You’d experience real personal growth in every encounter you have.

In addition to that, your body would feel more relaxed and at ease as you move from a place of underlying fear and hesitation and into one of faith and trust.

Answers and insight come to you much easier in your state of better balance because you are free of the need to defend or protect yourself from potential attack.  Solutions arise that are meaningful and make sense to both your heart and your mind.

The truth about difficult conversations is that they are the stepping stone to deeper integrity and authenticity and more fulfillment.  They are a homing beacon that allow you to readjust yourself to your bigger picture, to your life purpose, and to who you want to and are meant to be.

They get you out of the hamster wheel of quick fixes and friendly gestures that don’t actually solve problems but rather ensure the issues will come back again, to be repeatedly dealt with in the future.  

They stretch your comfort so you can see your edges and rough spots that need healing. They show you your strengths and how aligned you are to your inner spirit and deeper calling.

They help you feel more satisfied and fulfilled no matter the outcome of those conversations because you witness the evolution of where things started and where they are going.

But quite often what happens is that you bite your tongue and hold back what you really want to say.

It takes courage and a strong commitment to yourself to observe your subconscious tendencies and choose something new that will enable you to identify new solutions.  You demonstrate your resilience and inner character when you allow yourself to recognize errors in judgement with compassion and forward thinking.

There’s a part of you that’s bold and courageous, who’s willing to feel momentary discomfort for the long-term gain you receive as a result.  

You (generally) know what you want and what you need, if you take the time to shift from reactivity and defensiveness and move into introspection and connection.  Your inner guidance is always there for you.  You just need to allow yourself to tune in and understand what it is saying to you.

You don’t have to keep holding it in, censoring yourself, or tolerating unspoken things. Give yourself permission to lay down your armor, take down your walls, and trust that you can be straightforward, transparent, and sincere in your communication.

Not only with others, but with yourself as well.

Just learning how to do this shifts everything for the better.

When you focus on having real conversations, whether they be difficult or easy, you can then make massive strides toward achieving the personal and professional outcomes that are important to you so you can, ultimately, make a bigger difference in the world.

Is this something that you would benefit from, , and want to know how to make this happen in your life?

Let’s talk. I want to hear about your big dreams and the quality of life you want to have.

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It’s time to feel grounded in who you are and the life you feel called to live. Your time is now and you’re ready for the next step.

Lots of love,

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