The ugly truth about burn out

Deep breath, my sweet friend.
Take a deep breath.

If you’re like most people I’ve been talking to lately, you’re on the edge. Sometimes the hours feel like days and in the next moment, those hours feel like minutes that have somehow slipped by.  You’ve been burning the candle at both ends for far too long and, if you’re being honest, it’s starting to take it’s toll.

The situation in the world definitely hasn’t helped.  More than anything, it’s actually compounded what you were experiencing before and brought it more directly into the light.

At the core of everything, if you’re anything like me, you simply want to do your best and live a life with meaning and value.  You want to know that what you’re doing matters and that it serves a purpose. You want to honor the calling within and impact the world in your own special way.

But truth be told, that hasn’t been happening lately, has it?

I’ve been there many times myself… too many times to not have gone through it without learning a thing or two about how I got there (and how to get myself back on track).

It often feels like so much is somehow falling through the cracks or not getting accomplished, and my guess is you’re also piling heaps of guilt on top of everything else you’re trying to manage.

The truth is, there’s a reason why it’s come to this point. There’s a reason why burn out is staring you in the face and why it feels like deep joy feels so far out of reach.

The truth, if you’re willing to look it in the face will show you what you’ve really known all along.

It all comes down to you.

Deep breath.  It’s OK, we’re in this together.

There’s so much going on, even now more than ever, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.  Yet the beginning is always within.

When you give yourself the opportunity to take an unbiased look at what’s going on in your life, you discover where you’ve been wobbly with your wishes, where you’ve allowed your boundaries to bend, and where you’ve been too passive with your permissions.

You discover where you’re misaligned and what you need to shift so that you can feel deeper joy and passion (and dare I say bliss) in your life.

It can be hard and it can be humbling.  But it also can inspire you to rise up beyond these limitations and create something amazing with and from your life.

I’m here rooting for you.
Big hugs and lots of love,

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Self-care is one of the greatest acts of self-love you can offer yourself.  It is a demonstration of your importance and value, and reminds you of your innate worth.

It is a beautiful honoring of yourself when you validate your own needs and desires.

It doesn’t require lavish bubble baths or expensive things.  It simply requires your attention to shift away from the outside world and back to you.

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