The worst mistake you can make is thinking this…

You can do, be, have, or experience anything you set your mind to.

This is a truth that spiritual mystics have been conveying for thousands of years and science is only now starting to understand.

Your thoughts are the language of your mind and your feelings are the language of your body.  The vibrational signals you emit communicate with the universe your underlying beliefs about yourself and are magnetically drawn to you as you feel them.

But your thoughts are not static and vary depending upon how you view yourself, your abilities, and your place in the world causing the quantum levels of the universe to respond in kind to your corresponding thoughts and feelings.

So you can be wildly successful and confident in one area in your life while you’re broke,  insecure, and off track in another. 

This variation might make you feel like an imposter if you only acknowledge your strengths and the things that are aligned in your life while you hide the remainder that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Your ego might try to deny your reality and convince yourself that things aren’t as bad as they may seem, but you’ll still feel stuck and overwhelmed because you know you’re so far from where you want to be.

When that happens, you end up wearing a false mask for everyone else as you silently attack yourself for the truths you live and believe.  

Perhaps you’ll overwork, over-indulge, or over-extend yourself.  You’ll be exhausted at the end of the day but you won’t feel peaceful or fulfilled despite your best efforts.

The worst mistake you can make is thinking there’s something wrong with you.

You might believe you need to hide parts of yourself because they’re different than how you’d like them to be, and spiral into criticism and self-loathing as you repeatedly shame yourself with thoughts that you’re not…

  • good enough
  • smart enough
  • confident enough
  • talented enough
  • pretty enough
  • thin enough
  • strong enough
  • ready enough
  • worthy enough.

The thought that can turn everything around is that you are wonderful, vital, and “enough” just as you are.

All of your perceived flaws and weaknesses are part of what makes you the person you are in this moment.  The good and the bad experiences of your life have come together to shape your desires, your truths, and your inner callings so that you may step into the fullest expression of who you are meant to be.

Make no mistake…you are here for a reason and the obstacles as well as the blessings have been put before you to help you understand yourself and your life’s purpose more deeply.

You need to be exactly where you are, thinking the exact thoughts you are thinking, so that the person you are becoming can be brought to life.

Because one day quite soon, something will happen that causes you to momentarily pause and reflect upon your situation in a way you haven’t before.  In that instant, you’re ready for your next step.

Could it be that this transformational moment has just happened for you?

That’s exactly when you want your thoughts to be aligned with the experiences and opportunities that will serve you best so that every dream and desire you have can be manifested into form.

The dreams you have are not random and now is the time to step into the version of yourself who is ready to change her world in the best way she can.

I believe in you and know that you’ve got what it takes to make it happen.

Lots of love,

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