The worst thing you can believe that will ensure misery

Sometimes it hits you like a sledge hammer of realization just how unhappy and unfulfilled you’ll be if things keep going along the way they have been.  Sometimes it’s just a wisp of insight that tickles the back of your mind.

Your world doesn’t have to be crashing in to recognize things might not be changing for the better any time soon, if something doesn’t change soon.  But sometimes that’s what it takes.

You might be tremendously successful but you’re a slave to the machine you’re in so you keep the momentum not wanting to break it even though you know the pace you’ve been keeping isn’t sustainable.

You might be plodding along doing everything you think you’re supposed to and realize you lost yourself somewhere along the way but don’t know who you are or who you’d be if you did something different.

You might recognize your relationship isn’t what you want it to be but feel powerless to change it because all your previous attempts to shift it have fallen flat.

Or perhaps it’s not one thing in particular but rather a deeper knowing that you’re off track from where you want to be.

When that happens, it’s often because you’ve given away your power to something or someone outside yourself and it’s one of the most helpless feelings you can experience.  You feel stuck, uncertain and afraid, a victim of circumstances.

When nothing could be farther from the truth.

Because your life is what you make of it, and the worst thing you can do is to believe that you have no options. No options means no choices.  No choices mean stagnation, decay, and death.

In truth, there are always options.  Choices are always available to you.  You must be willing to look for them, to shift your perspective, and to become resourceful to get them.  You must identify what you are willing to maintain and what you’re willing to release in order to achieve them. You must tolerate nothing that gets in the way of your desires so that your life can transform before your very eyes.

The moment you decide that you’re worthy of a life that reflects your worthiness, is the moment that everything changes for the better.

You become inspired to create relationships, experiences, and an impact that honors who you are.  You no longer settle for scraps of joy and happiness but raise your standards.  You believe more deeply in yourself and as a result show up differently in everything you do.  Success, abundance, fulfillment, and deep personal satisfaction follow.

All it takes, , is that one new choice that shows you you’re ready to step more fully into it.  It’s time and you’re ready for your next step.

Believe you’re worthy of it and take that step.

Lots of love,

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