There’s Time For Everything

Take a deep breath.
Another one after that.

If you’re like so many women (and heart-centered men) I know, taking a moment for yourself – a moment just yourself without thinking about anything else – is a rare occurrence.

The demands of the day start nearly the instant you wake up and you’re lucky if you finish everything that needs your attention before you fall into bed exhausted (and wondering where the day went).

It’s easy to forget that you are actually the one in control.
You are in charge.
You are the ultimate boss of your life.

So, let me ask you… All that running around you’ve been doing lately – is it what you want to be doing?  Is it moving you closer to greater joy and fulfillment?  If not, why you’re doing it?

Is it because you want to or because you feel it’s expected of you or ‘it’s just how things are’?

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with holiday expectations, end-of-year work demands, or just the non-stop, day-to-day nonsense that seems to deplete you, then it’s a perfect time to stop and take a breath.

Seriously, stop right now and take a breath.  A nice deep breath that fills your lungs and goes into your belly.

We don’t seem to make the time for just breathing when there’s so much to do. Yet sometimes it’s exactly what we need.  Time enough to take a pause.  To sit with ourselves and check in.  The beautiful thing is that when you do, you connect with truth.

You see, there is time enough for everything that is important to you.  There is time for everything that matters. It’s simply a shift in perspective and a willingness to regain more authority in your own life.

You deserve the time to breathe deeply, and the time to spend on things that fill your heart and soul with meaning and value.

Spend more time doing those things and less on what others tell you to do.

A new year and a new decade are just a few days away.  If this year was not as perfect as you wish it would have been, then take some time for yourself and just breathe.

Your answers are already within.  Trust them and know there’s time for it all.

Much love,

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P.S. Since this time of year is often filled with stress and a bit of chaos, please take some time to listen to my free hypnotic meditations.  They’ll help you shift from chaos into calm.  Get them here.

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