Things For A Good And Happy Life


Oh goodness, they are sooo critical to living a good and happy life.

Some people seem to be born with a healthy dose of them or perhaps it was their upbringing, but the majority of us need more – lots more.

We need to learn how to lean into a deeper love for ourselves despite the messages we learned when we were small, so that we can enjoy our perfection and our flaws and know that all of it is beautiful and welcome.

We need to discover how to transform the negative mental chatter that stops us before we even get started, so that we can accomplish all those things we feel called to do.

We need the conviction to stand in the face of adversity and discomfort while respecting who we are and what we have to offer, despite what our current situation may be telling us, so that we can claim something more for ourselves.

We need to embrace the innate worth that we are endowed with and hold ourselves to standards which honor that so that we can celebrate the significance of our life and our purpose.

Yet more often than not, we lack the boundaries, self-esteem, and confidence to take a stand for ourselves and actually stick to it.  We draw a line in the sand but then something comes along and our line moves as we justify ‘just this one thing and then we’ll be firm.’

But all it takes to make a change is one different choice.  One different action that will set us upon a new course that aligns more deeply with our truth.

We’re all a work in progress. So it’s not really a question of if these things are possible for you, but rather of when will you allow them to be possible.  The choice is yours, and now is a beautiful time to make that choice.

Big hugs,

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P.S. Recently I was interviewed on the Marketing, Media & Money podcast. We went deep and peeled back the layers to the magic of mindset in your life and business. We talk about how to get out of your own way and create a life you love.

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It hasn’t been beach weather in quite some time, living in Wisconsin.  I miss the feel of the sun on my skin and the earth under my bare feet (and the peace it brings me).  But since I have chosen this location to call home, I have learned to find pleasure in other simple things. The soft feel of a warm snuggly coat that makes me feel very feminine, the bright sky on a winter’s day that reminds me life (just like the weather) has seasons and everything changes, the sweet voices I hear when I come home that speak to my soul.  No matter where we are, we can embrace the joy and contentment in any moment, so that every day can feel like a day at the beach.  I hope it inspires you.


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I get it.  So much responsibility lands on your shoulders, there is barely time to breathe. You do so much for everyone and everything seems to rely upon you in some way.

The thing is that it doesn’t always have to be a struggle.  When you get support, you learn how to find balance, how to hush the negative chatter, how to step into your brilliance and become who you are born to be.

You don’t have to settle for the scraps that fall to the floor. You can align with the life that is calling to you in this very moment and fulfill your potential.

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