What if you believed in yourself… ?

How would your life be different if you believed in yourself?

I’m not talking about the little bit of belief that attempts to convince your ego that you believe in yourself.  That kind of belief is usually just enough to make you feel good enough in some areas while you secretly (or unconsciously) despise yourself in others.

I’m talking about the kind of belief in yourself that is unshakable.

A belief that is profound and deep to the core of your being in which a complete and total trust in yourself resides.  With that type of belief comes a certainty in your authentic value, a knowingness that your life has deep purpose, and that you are here for a reason.

This belief is based not on your ability to accomplish things but rather in the essence of who you are and why you are here.

From that centered place within, you tap into a confidence in your unique skills and abilities, your ability to overcome obstacles you encounter, and to fulfill your highest potential.  This is the belief to strive for.

With that level of belief, you stand tall in your truth.  You become willing to use your voice to speak up and speak out for the things that are meaningful to you.  You feel more relaxed and peaceful knowing you can trust yourself to be confident and capable in any situation that may arise.  You are more balanced and centered in your place in the world.

In practical terms, that means:

  • Better communication and stronger boundaries with loved ones and others around you
  • Cultivating relationships that support and uplift you
  • Maintaining a healthy mind and body so you can flourish
  • Devoting more time and energy into the things you’re passionate about so you have more fulfillment in life
  • More deeply loving and valuing yourself, your journey, and what makes you unique and special

Notice how you feel as you read through that list.  Is it excitement, resistance, uncertainty?  That’s an indicator of how closely aligned you are to experiencing those things in your life.

Then focus your attention inward, allow your honest truth to come forward, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would you do differently if you believed in yourself?
  • What do you really want in life?
  • What needs to change for that to happen?
  • How would you feel a year from now if nothing in your life changed?
  • If not now, when?

I invite you to go to your mirror, look deeply into your eyes, and repeat these words:
I believe in you.  You are wonderful, capable, and worthy of everything you desire.  You are ready to become who you are meant to be.  I love you.

Then take your next step.

I believe in you.

You got this.
Krysti  xo

P.S.  Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we feel resistance to believing ourselves to be worthy and loveable.  That’s ok.  If you need some guidance in redefining yourself and reconnecting to your magnificence, then let’s talk.  You absolutely can rediscover and fall in love with your AUTHENTIC self, feel empowered to make choices based on desires, and honor your spiritual path and purpose.  I got you.  xo  Book your call here now.

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