What mark is your life is leaving?

Our legacy isn’t something we always think about.

Yet every day our choices and our actions impact not only us but those that are important to us as well. Even others we aren’t directly aware of experience the consequences of everything we do. We are intimately connected to all in the physical and non-physical.

The ripple that you create is infinitely huge.

It’s effects can be felt on a large scale as well as small, both long-term and short.

Hopefully you’ll be one who helps others more than you hurt them.

Maybe you’ll be the one to break the family patterns that have been present for generations.

Perhaps you’ll be the one to transform your mindset and create extraordinary new outcomes for yourself and loved ones.

You could be the one who chooses to be intentional and honor the passions of your heart and fulfill your soulful purpose in life.

A kind word, a thoughtful gesture, an intentional decision can change everything.

But unless you begin to consciously create your life, you’ll never be able to reach your greatest potential for positive impact.

You will continue to be held back by the subconscious framework that prevents you from developing the confidence to honor your sacred soul and the life you were born to live. Those patterns and limiting beliefs will remain deeply rooted in all that you do whether you are aware of them or not.

It’s time to shift that paradigm and allow yourself to embrace a higher resonance; the vibration of your deepest desires and of your soul. Time to let your authentic self lead the way and be guided by the wisdom within.

You will feel a new breath of life move through you when you do. Your heart will lead as you step into the legacy that only you can create. Your mind will whisper of the rightness as you become fully integrated with the truth of who you are and how you live your life. Your body will be grounded in peace and joy and ease as you take deliberate action towards the life and impact you desire.

Let the mark you leave in this world be intentional rather than accidental, .

I just know that you are meant for greatness and I’m rooting for you to shine just a little bit brighter.

Lots of love,

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