When you’re about to come undone, do this

You’ve felt it building for some time now. The pressure, working the long hours, the overwhelm and exhaustion, the resentment and sadness.

It often feels as if there’s never enough time in the day to do the things you want to do, and you find yourself often going through the motions or just tackling your daily To Do list without really ever getting ahead or doing anything extra.  Just putting out fires and hoping tomorrow will be different.

… and now the holidays and everything else that entails for you to manage. It’s all becoming overwhelming and out of control, and you can’t imagine what may come in the months ahead with even more to take care of.

It’s certainly not the way you want to live or feel.

You, my friend, are stuck.

Stuck in the endless cycle that will – never – change, unless you do.  Yet something has kept stopping you from making the smallest of changes, because …

One sudden move and it’ll all come undone.

One small shift out of the ordinary, and the mask you’ve built, the life you’ve built, threatens to shatter into a million pieces.

You’re left trying to fit into a mold that no longer fits. Still, the pressure keeps building as you drift farther and farther way from where you want to be, from who you want to be, from your truth.

You know you want a change. You know you need to change… something, anything, everything.

Yet you feel trapped.

You wonder how things can possibly change when so much depends upon you and your keeping it together. You tell yourself there is no time to fall to pieces. You think need to be strong and push through.

This feeling will pass, you tell yourself, but you wonder if you actually want it to because it’s the one thing that feels real and most authentic lately.

You know you need to be smart about your next move, if only you could figure out what that next move was. So you keep doing what you’ve been doing: hoping, praying, worrying, waiting.

Yet that’s not working, my sweet friend.

You need to take off the mask, to break the mold, to shift the pieces around you so that you become inspired by your life again.

And this is not just about you, in truth, it’s bigger than you.

You know that you’re here for a great purpose and the only way to bring forth the impact you’re here to create is to step out of the norm and go deep.

You, my friend, are right there on the edge of claiming something more for yourself and your life.

The time has come and you can wait no more.

It’s like the deep breath before the plunge, as Gandalf says in Lord of the Rings. In that moment of the deep breath, of where you are, there is such clarity. You are fully present. There may be some fear and uncertainty, yet there is also faith and conviction, and a deeper trust of knowing you deserve more and that your life means more than what you’ve been experiencing. That restless unsettled feeling is your deepest Self asking you to honor it more fully.

You know it’s time you stop settling. Time to stop delaying, procrastinating, and hiding.

The protective layer you built around yourself that once felt good and comforting has become too restrictive, too cumbersome, too heavy to bear. Inch by inch it has begun to crack.

With that cracking, the light can shine through. You can lean into it and discover more peace, more passion, more purpose. You can embrace that calling within and create more meaning and value in your life. You can wake up each day with joy and fulfillment in the legacy you offer to the world. You can trust that this breakdown of the old is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

The path before you is clear. You know what you need to do. You need to leap and take the plunge.

Much love,

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Let this be the mantra that guides this week.
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One different choice can mean all the difference this holiday season… more peaceful, meaningful, and joyous.

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