Why You Might Be Failing at Being Present

Is it possible that you’re doing everything you think you should be doing but it’s not making you happy?

You’re committed to the work you do and put in the long hours that reflect that.  You’re confident you can be wildly successful and seem to always be working as you try to catch up or figure out your next step to get ahead.  So you often hear yourself saying, “Just one more email before Mom can come to play…” but your thoughts are focused on what needs to be done in the morning rather than focusing on game night with your family.

Despite your calendar being filled with tasks and obligations, you’ve scheduled weekly dates with your partner to bring back the connection and intimacy you once had.  But you can’t seem to unplug from digital screens for long and your conversations with your partner stay surface-level or keep drifting to the past.

You’ve purchased the gear and equipment to keep your body in shape and know exactly what needs to be done to stay on track to reach your health goals.  Yet the story you’re telling yourself and your lack of accountability allow you to push it off another day when you have more energy and focus.

My sweet, it’s not your inner drive nor best intentions that are getting in the way of your ultimate success.  I know you’re doing the best you can.

Perhaps you’re putting too much pressure on yourself?

  • You’re the breadwinner and fear what will happen if you don’t work so hard, you keep pushing hard because your family’s survival depends upon you.
  • You try to make everyone else happy, even at your own expense, because it’s what you think you need to do.
  • You don’t speak up for what you need because of the conflict that may come, so you silence yourself to keep the peace.
  • You’re doing everything for everyone (cleaning the house, making the meals, helping with homework, all parts of your business, paying the bills…) and there’s no time left for you to enjoy yourself.

When was the last time you fully took in the present moment?

It’s the simple things that ground you into the moment and allow you to experience it more deeply and completely…

  • The colors of the workspace around you and how the sunlight changes each when it reflects upon them.
  • The sound of birds chirping in the distance or the soft clanking of a flag upon its pole.
  • The feel of your clothes as you move your body and it brushes upon your skin.
  • The way your body holds itself during a conversation that conveys your unspoken thoughts.
  • The aroma of the meal you’ve just prepared, how it causes your stomach to growl, and the different flavors each bite brings.

I invite you to begin to cultivate an awareness that will allow you to be present in each moment no matter what is taking place in your life.

The alternative of not being the mother, partner, or woman you want to be is simply too costly.

That option isn’t a good option, especially for someone like you.

Lots of love,

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