You are Holding Yourself Back

You have an invitation when you’re on the cusp of a transition, regardless if it’s initiated by your own will, that of another, or the milestones that arise with the passing of time.

You can rise up or you can resist it.

You can choose to allow yourself to move forward with an ease, grace, and intention that allows you to stay true to who you really are as you navigate uncharted waters.

You can use change to connect with the beliefs and actions that are most important and meaningful to you and release those that no longer serve your purpose or goals.

You can strengthen your confidence and certainty in yourself to know that you can enjoy your journey through life regardless of the highs and lows, the clear paths or redirections.

Life is too short to get stuck.

You can know all this and yet unconsciously hold yourself back.

Periods of transition can bring all your resistance to the surface. When impending changes trigger a misalignment with the core thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself and your place in the world, your conscious awareness and behavioral patterns are powerless to embrace the change despite your best efforts.

Your subconscious blocks will prevent you from fully accepting the situation before you and your deepest desires will feel forever out of reach.

In order to fully step into the person you’re meant to be, you need to empower yourself with a strong mindset and a self-image that’s aligned with your full potential and worthiness of the life you feel called to live.

You can lean more deeply into self-love and honor your wisdom and resilience as you overcome challenges, adversity, and the unknown.

You can build your spiritual connection with your inner Self so that you trust yourself and the choices you make as you live a soul-led life.

But nothing will change until you choose to heal, to grow, and to open yourself into a new way of being.

Once you give yourself permission to move from resisting, hiding, and avoiding changes you can begin to reclaim your power and ownership of the things that are happening in your life.  You’ll no longer get caught in self-doubt, overthinking, or self-sabotage.

You’ll begin to explore new ideas and actions that feel inviting and expansive.  As you do, you’ll shift from limitations to possibilities, greater certainty, and more peace and fulfillment.

You’ll transform fear into faith and move from being stuck and into alignment as you take the next steps to fulfill your highest potential and the best good for all.

Through your deeper introspection and aligned outer actions, your authentic Self emerges as you embrace your spiritual importance, value, and underlying purpose, passions, and desires.

All you need to do is to simply make the choice to change and the rest will follow.

Let this be the call to your rising.

Lots of love,

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