You can still find more peace

A moment to yourself, a deep breath, a thought of positive expectation…

There are new layers and depths of peace that can be found no matter what your situation. When all is well, you can still find more peace. When you’re at a crossroads, peace is available amidst the uncertainty. When you’ve put yourself and your dreams on hold while prioritizing everyone and everything else, peace can be found when you return to yourself again.

You matter.

Success or struggle does not alter who we are; those only are marks of labels our ego uses to determine if we’re good enough or if we measure up to expectations. We can sometimes forget that it is our soul that defines us, not the things we do or the situations we find ourselves in.

Peace comes from within.

Even the most peaceful of environments can make us feel restless if it doesn’t satisfy our heart. It is up to us to create a life that feels good and satisfying.

Healthy boundaries honor your worth and importance, but make sure the boundaries you create are not meant to avoid the things you must address. No amount of hiding, settling, or sacrificing will foster confidence or a self-image that you’re proud of, so give yourself permission to speak your truth and acknowledge what you need. Short-term discomfort is worth the long-term peace you’ll gain when you navigate the conversations, tasks, or challenges that stand in the way of what you want.

Learn to embrace your uniqueness and what fills you with joy. Share and surround yourself with others who appreciate the value you bring and support the visions you have for your life. Transform your mindset into a powerful force and believe that everything is always working out for you.

Follow the longing in your heart that is asking for fuller expression. Be willing to embody the passions and purpose that calls to you. Let your intuition and inner authority guide you, even if your mind doesn’t understand the reasons. Your soul will never lead you astray and will steer you towards greater fulfillment, pleasure, and peace.

And sometimes, despite your best efforts to elevate your thoughts, stay in high vibration, and manifest your goals, life gives you the unexpected. I’ve witnessed too many people taking ownership for some of the horrors and hardships they’ve endured as if it’s their fault when life goes off-course.

When you find yourself in the darkest nights of the soul, remember, you cannot control everything and you are not God. You are a co-creator in life, and yet, things can happen to you and for you that are beyond your comprehension, often only to be revealed in hindsight. In those times, give yourself grace, let yourself feel deeply, and trust there is a reason for everything.

Peace is not found out there.
The way to deeper and more abundant peace is to go within.

I’m here if you need help finding that peace. Reach out and let’s talk.

Lots of love,

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