You don’t have to stay stuck

by | Oct 2, 2023

Progress isn’t always possible.

Not without growth it isn’t.

Change is a necessary catalyst of transformation, especially when you’re stuck.

The stagnation that happens when you’re at a plateau inhibits the driving force behind your momentum. You might spin your wheels, but you can’t move forward.

This shows up when you start limiting yourself or playing small in your work. Perhaps you know you need to take more action yet you second-guess yourself and settle for undertaking work that pacifies the ego but doesn’t move the needle.

In your relationships, you might withhold your true opinions or go along to get along. Perhaps you default into people pleasing and are left feeling under-loved and overextended at the sacrifice of your own happiness.

The longer you’re stressed and overwhelmed without its end in sight, the more your health might suffer. Moments of peace and relaxation are too often traded for those of worry or frustration, instead.

Your time and energy are invested into either maintaining what you currently have or into changing your thoughts and feelings.

You get to choose which one.
And not choosing is a choice for staying the same.

It’s either a higher vibration with more expansion or limitations with predictability.

When you’re ready for growth, you need to first start by giving yourself permission to do something new. To make a different choice than you maybe ever have before. To give yourself permission to deepen your awareness of your current situation and what’s getting in the way of achieving your desires.

From that place of greater understanding, you can begin to overcome your subconscious resistance. You can eliminate the unconscious programs and patterns that are holding you back (despite your best efforts to overcome them). As you transform your underlying core thoughts and beliefs, you’ll naturally begin to take action towards the things that align with your highest desires.

As you begin to believe more deeply in yourself and the whispers of your heart, you create a connection to the deeper reasons and meanings behind your choices. The authority of your innermost Self rises to the surface and you are guided with a confidence and certainty that everything is unfolding in exactly the right time, in the right way.

Your positive results are then compounded as your soul and the Divine reveal to you the next best steps towards your highest good.

You are much more important and powerful than you realize.  It’s time to tap into that.

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You can unlock your potential and experience your possibilities.  All you have to do is to make that choice.

Sending lots of love,

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