You Have Permission

Permission is a funny thing.

When we are little, we long for permission as if it is connected to our ultimate joy or survival.  We rely upon someone outside ourselves to provide the guidance for what is best for us, to help us do the right thing and keep us from harm.

Yet at what point do we stop waiting for permission to do what we feel called to do?  At what point does full ownership and accountability for our choices and, really, our own life become ours?  There’s almost an unspoken transfer that takes place as we get older, from one person guiding our life to us taking that responsibility for ourselves.

For so many people, that transition to claiming ownership for their own life never takes place.  Even in adulthood, they continue to look for outside approval on what to do, what to think, or what to feel.

It took me longer than I would have wished to step into my own power and start to claim what I wanted for my life.  Perhaps it is the same for you.

Remember that the beliefs and behaviors you hold have protected you from being exposed and have sheltered you from getting hurt.  They have served a valuable purpose. However, beliefs and behaviors can be outgrown, and they can get in the way of who we are meant to be.  Give yourself permission to become completely honest with yourself and take a close look at what you believe, how you act, and who you have become.

Allow yourself to witness, without judgement, what you are experiencing in your life and how you got here.  Give yourself permission to be so real and vulnerable with yourself that you can stop pretending everything is fine and that your life is perfect.

Real change starts by getting real with yourself.  Allow the good, the bad, and those things you wish to be different to rise to the surface and notice how you feel about all of it.  Give yourself permission to release the shame and the guilt that might come along with that introspection, too.  Now is the time to give yourself permission to claim something more and live your life fully in this moment, rather than waiting for that next great escape.

The world needs you and what you are here to offer.  Your gifts and talents and uniqueness are what sets you apart in a way that no other can replicate.  Give yourself permission to shine brighter than you ever have, and watch how you and those around you shift and grow.

You are meant for greatness.

Wishing you all the best,

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