You hold the key to a better life

So often we search in vain for the way out of the stress and overwhelm.

We put all our hopes in the latest fads that promise to make everything balanced and blissful, hedging our bets that this time, this technique, this prayer will be the one that sets us free.

Yet we’re often left disappointed and doubting ourselves when that, too, fails as we secretly thought it might.

You see for many people there is an underlying belief that they can only do so much and the rest is out of their hands… victims of circumstance whose fate is not their own.  They believe that as hard as they may try, there are things that are forever unchangeable.

Perhaps you’ve felt this way sometimes, too?

It’s easy for the responsibilities of daily work and home life to dominate every thought you have, drowning out the opportunities for passion and inspiration to come in. You can lose yourself in the pressure to live a certain lifestyle and one day you’ve become someone you no longer recognize when you look in the mirror.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Within you is the power to create anything you desire, because at your core your essence is connected with All There Is. You can place into your subconscious mind, thereby into the receptive Source that transforms all thought into form, anything you wish to be, have, or experience.

The only limitations placed upon you are the ones you set for yourself.  You truly can decide what your life will mean and how you will live it.

Science has proven that your every thought impacts your physiology and your genes, for better or worse. Your DNA can literally be shaped by the mental environment you maintain.  Your environment and outer world is an extension of your physical body which you also energetically impact.  

It is the Law of the Universe to deliver to you what you are asking for.  What you think matters more than you may realize, and anything you believe to be possible can come true.

​​The simple steps to manifesting your deepest desires can be consciously understood and applied, or you can hope for the best as you live by default. Either way, it’s your choice.

Assuming you’d like to take the fast track to everything you want, you can leverage this process to call forth your desires.

With great clarity, first identify in detail what you want for yourself.  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  How do you behave?  Through visualization, place the image and feeling of this completed desire into the Creative medium that will then go to work to bring this to you.

Then maintain a calm certainty and the complete conviction that what you want is already yours and is on its way to you.  Leave no room for doubt or disbelief that you will receive your desire.  You have claimed it as yours so believe in your heart that it is indeed yours.

While you are holding the belief and feeling of what you have called forth, allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and the opportunities that present themselves to you.  Witness the unfolding of your visualization into your physical world as you take action on the instances that will allow you to realize your desires in the flesh. 

Ask – Believe – Receive. 
This is the key to creating a life you love. 

But in order to receive your deepest desires you must be willing to release the life you are living so you can embrace the opportunities that bring you towards your heart’s desire.  

​​So often, this is where you can get tangled up and struggle.  You send out a chaotic vibration when you want something but then second-guess yourself, don’t truly believe it’s possible for you, or you don’t say yes to the opportunities when they arise.  

As with so much in personal growth, you must get out of your own way and allow yourself to become who you know you are meant to be.  It can be scary and unknown, but it can also be exhilarating and inspiring when you realize that the Universe is conspiring with you for your greatness.

So take the leap into asking for everything you wish for, believing this and so much more is on its way to you, and receiving it with gratitude and certainty that your life is truly of your own creation.​​

Lots of love,

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