You’ll break the pattern when you decide what you want

If you find yourself continuing to come up against the same obstacles, only in different forms, only ever reaching certain levels of happiness or success but never breaking beyond that familiar plateau, then you are stuck in a prison of your own making.

It’s a hard truth to swallow that we’re often the ones preventing our own growth and ability to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves.

But the truth is that more often than not, your subconscious programming and fears are holding you back without you realizing it.  As a result, you can end up going in circles or never moving toward the things you want.  They trigger resistance within you about finding clarity on what exactly you do want for yourself, your life, and your experience of it.

When that happens, you speak in vague terms of the changes and outcomes you’d like have but without having the ability to follow through with the actions that would produce those outcomes because you can only get so far with the knowledge and tools you already have or without a clear direction of where you’re headed.

You’ll break the pattern when you *truly* decide what you want.

That’s when miracles and magic can take place.

This means when you are honest enough with yourself to reveal your true wants and desires rather than what others want from or for you, or even expect from you.  When you tap into your heart’s desire and let that desire influence your decisions moving forward, you will align yourself with your greatest potential because you’re honoring your authentic deeper Self.

You want more time freedom so you can do the things that fill you with joy.  That means more time for making meaningful memories with your children or partner, traveling to places on your bucket list, and spending the days with less pressure and loads more pleasure so you can enjoy life rather than just numbly making it through each day.

You want to honor the inner callings of your soul and do the things you know you’re meant to do in the world.  You want to follow (and live) your purpose and your passions in such as way that you are guided from that inner place within that understands more than you do about your value and importance.

You want to be able to make a difference in the lives of your loved ones but also so you can support causes or movements that are important to you on a deep soul level to transform the lives of others in the world.  Your ability to be centered and grounded, as well as abundant and successful, in the things you dedicate your time and attention to will influence and impact the degree to which that is possible.

Your job is to decide what you really want, what’s important to you.

Then commit to reaching those goals no matter what happens along the way.

It isn’t the path that gets you there that’s important, but instead the thing to focus on is the outcome you want to achieve.  Be willing to let go of things that aren’t working the way you’d planned, so that better things can be explored.   Be willing to open to yourself to new opportunities that may be unexpected or cause you to shift the ways you think and feel about something.

Transform any subconscious belief programs that are getting in the way so you can not only stop playing out generational patterns, but fulfill your deepest desires.  You’ll need to uplevel your inner mindset before you’ll be able to experience and sustain in on the outside.

When your heart matches with what your head wants, that mental, physical, and spiritual coherence will allow you function and manifest at optimum levels.  Your body and mind will harmonize as they work in tandem efficiently creating more energy, clarity, and moments of inspiration, Shifts will happen on a quantum level as unseen energies rearrange themselves bringing new opportunities and experiences to you that will help you realize your goals.

This clarity is something that can only come from within you.  Once you have that, everything else will fall into place as each of your thoughts and actions bring you to its achievement.

I’m cheering you on!

Lots of love,

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