You’ll stop putting out fires when you do this…

Years ago, I awoke before my eyes were open and listened to the soft sounds of the morning.

Not a moment later, the weight of the world landed heavily upon my chest and I’d be sucked back into the endless cycle of overwhelm and constant frustration.

The glimpse of gratitude for a new day and the peace that accompanied it was long gone before my feet ever hit the floor.

I acted like I was Super Woman but I didn’t realized I was failing miserably.

I was there for everything and everyone that needed me, constantly coming to the rescue of someone who was either unwilling or unable to take responsibility for what was theirs.

But the person I forgot to swoop in to save was myself.

Rather than racing around putting out all the fires, I learned how to sit in the fire and discover who I was.  I sifted through the uncomfortable moments so I could find the treasure that remained after everything  else burned away.   

This is what I learned, and I hope it inspires you to sit in your own fire for a moment and witness the transformation that it will spark…

1. Personal Responsibility. 

When you allow someone to take personal responsibility for things – their actions, their choices, the consequences of those actions and choices, their feelings, etc. – you allow them to figure out more clearly what they want (and what they don’t want).  You allow them to experience the pleasure or displeasure they’ve brought into their lives.  You also stop needing to save everyone and allow them to grow and develop in their own ways.

  • So rather than cleaning up your child’s mess, allow them to feel the effort, frustration, or reward of what cleaning up after themselves feels like.
  • Allow your partner to take responsibility for how their unkind words impacted your relationship and do the work required to repair it.
  • Take full ownership of how you’re showing up in your work each day and notice how your emotions are impacting your productivity and efficiency.

2.  Set Boundaries.

When you set boundaries about what you want for yourself and your own experiences in life, you get clear on what’s important to you.  Your priorities become front and center.  You teach others how they may interact with you and what you need from them in return.   You step more fully into your worth and the person you wish to be.

  • Communicate with your family what you need around the home in order to feel calm and peaceful.  So if you want your partner or children to make dinner twice a week, let them know.
  • Clearly identify appropriate and unacceptable ways of interacting with you and your desires for what a happy and healthy relationship looks like.
  • Rather than overextending yourself by taking on more work than you can handle, delegate tasks to others who can do it better than you.

3. Identify Your Goals

Without specific goals, you end up going through the motions without any real direction nor any milestones that you can gauge your progress upon.  Goals help you clarify what you would like to experience and accomplish so you can get the most out of life.  There is a calling within you that is uniquely yours, so when you tap into it and allow yourself to be guided by that deepest desire, you will achieve more than you could ever imagine for yourself and the world.

  • Telling yourself you want to become physically stronger and lose 10 pounds by exercising daily is easier for your subconscious to understand than simply saying you want to become healthier.  It’s the specific details that help you reach your goals.
  • Perhaps you want to deepen the intimacy with your partner with a weekly date night to rekindle your connection.
  • Determine the measurable projects and milestones you’ll focus your work on during the next quarter.  This will help you manage your time effectively so you can stay on track.

Now when I wake in the morning, my first thoughts are intentional and peaceful which allow me to take inspired action throughout the day.  

The same can be true for you, too.

If you’re unsure how you can implement these steps into your life without feeling like your world will come crashing in on you, it’s OK.  Most people don’t know how to make these shifts on their own (otherwise they would have already).

If you’re ready to have someone in your corner who can see a bigger picture for you, hold the vision of who you’re meant to be, and give you the step by step plan to make it happen, then let’s talk.  This is the kind of deep support and guidance will transform your life. I’m happy to show you how you can do it.

You deserve the peace and freedom that comes from reclaiming your power and standing a stand for what you need.

Lots of love,
Krysti  xo

P.S. One conversation could change your life… this just might be the one that does.  Book a no-cost call and let’s explore what that would look like for you to fully align all areas of your life.  I can guide you to it.

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