Your Breakthrough to Renewal

Wouldn’t it be nice if life always went according to your best laid plans?  

Endless moments when it’s as though Life itself is celebrating you and you are filled with an overflowing joyousness that touches all aspects of your life.

But Life sometimes wallops you with completely unexpected experiences that you are woefully unprepared for.  It’s in those moments when it feels as if everything is falling apart and you’re consumed by a heaviness and despair that continues to tighten no matter how much you try to fight it.

Maybe your relationship falls apart, your business stalls, your health takes a plunge, your finances take a hit, unexpected news shakes the foundation of your world…

Moments such as these are trial-by-fire invitations to incinerate your deepest, darkest fears.  They bring you to your knees when they strip you bare and bring up within you everything you’ve tried to keep hidden, even from yourself. 

Your doubts and insecurities, your strengths and weaknesses, your patterns and tendencies, are offered to you in glaring relief so that you my consciously choose your next steps forward.  They elevate the contrast between where you are and where you want to be.

As the outer world hammers away, you must resolve to dig deep and find the lesson, the offering for your personal growth and expansion. No matter what happens, you must commit to yourself and the light within you to use your challenges for your betterment.

That looks like learning to love and care for yourself more fully, advocating for your needs, prioritizing your own personal fulfillment, and a willingness to cultivate behaviors that support it.

In action, this means reprogramming your mindset at a subconscious level so your self-image and self-talk match the outcomes you desire.  It’s using your voice in an empowered way that demonstrates your self-worth.  It’s making yourself a priority along with everyone and everything else.  It’s dedicating the time, energy, and attention required to transform your life so you can have deeper meaning and purpose behind the actions you take.

Your journey is unique to your soul.

There is no point in comparing yourself to that of another and there is nothing wrong with you.   Your personal path will not be linear nor will it necessarily be predictable or balanced, so release any judgments or self-imposed expectations you may have about it.

You are where you are in your life because that is where you need to be.  There is deep soulful meaning behind it, one in which you often can’t witness without having gone through it to see it from retrospect.  Who are you are becoming cannot take shape without you moving through this place you are in right now.

Within this very moment is the key to your ultimate fulfillment.

Your breakthrough will appear when you are willing to sit with the discomfort of what you are experiencing and allow yourself to push through the inner and outer resistance, seen and unseen.

The renewal that comes with your shedding of what is or what was often feels like a breakdown.  In many aspects it is.  There is a releasing of old habits and patterns, relationships, expectations, beliefs and limited thinking.  In the place that remains, empowered and aligned ideas, thoughts, and actions can enter.  

Within each opportunity in life you can discover a greater insight into where you are in or out of alignment with what you want to have, do, be, or experience.  You can then use that understanding to shape your actions and outcomes and create a life you don’t need to escape from.

The joyous pleasure that life has to offer awaits you.  You are worthy and deserving of it.  By focusing on your mindset, you can discover the miracles and magic that only you can create.  

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Lots of love,

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