Your choices change everything

How do you make the most out of the year (and life) in front of you?

So many people haven’t been taught or don’t understand what they need to do in order to become happier, more fulfilled, have better health, more meaningful relationships, or more abundance.

As a result, focusing on the external world can become a more important consideration rather than what’s taking place in the quietness of your mind or the longings in your heart that will lead you to those things.

Starting with an internal focus will make all the difference when it comes to achieving the personal, financial, and professional outcomes you wish to experience.

What’s certain is that your choices change everything.
Your choices come from the decisions you make.

So the first thing you need to do is to decide what you want. It’s simple yet can be so very difficult.

Your choices impact the way you think, the way you feel, the actions you take, the way you behave, how you make decisions, and the outcomes you experience.

It is of utmost importance for you to get clear on your vision and to prioritize your intentions of that vision so you can align your thoughts and energy to manifest the things you desire.

If you don’t decide, you’ll end up floundering or make half-hearted attempts that might soothe your ego, only to fall back into old patterns when you start to feel uncomfortable.  As a result, you’ll experience more frustration and self-doubt because the pull towards a bigger version and expression of yourself hasn’t been cultivated enough.  When that happens, you’re often left with small successes, frequent setbacks, and less joy or fulfillment than you wanted or could have experienced.

You give yourself a direction to aim toward, however, when your mind and spirit move into coherence and you tap into a deeper reason behind your choices.  You learn to accept and surrender to the presence of both easy and challenging times because you recognize they are part of your path and the fruition of your desires.  You commit with a deeper part of yourself that does not sway with the whims of what’s convenient, and connect to a more profound personal meaning that comes from within and allow that purpose to guide you.

You are moved by a power that moves through you and is calling you to step into greater truth and a fuller expression of who you are meant to be.  In your work and home life, your relationships, health, and even your unique impact in the world, each is amplified and tuned into that vibration of desire.

The focus of your energy and attention becomes narrowed so that everything outside of the scope of what you want becomes unimportant.  Misaligned possibilities collapse as options for you to consider.  Opportunities present themselves.

You begin to feel supported by the Universe and the rightness of what you want as you trust more deeply in yourself and your vision.

Your actions become more strategic and purposeful as you allow yourself to base all your choices on your end goals, and you end up creating a lifestyle that works for you in all areas of your life.

That alignment feels good and feeds your soul.

It’s also something you deserve.

So decide what you want and then go for it.

I’m cheering you on and can’t wait to discover what you create.

Lots of love,

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