Your environment reveals everything

Nothing happens in isolation.

Through your personal growth and evolution you have acquired a particular mindset based upon your experiences and interpretations of them, as well as the physical representations of your journey.

Just like your body demonstrates physically what’s happening on the inside, so too does your environment demonstrate what’s happening within your mind.

Your outer world is a direct reflection of the inner aspects you are experiencing.  Your inner world of thoughts and ideas is intimately connected with your outer experiences.  That means that what you are experiencing in your life in your tangible reality, has its origin in part based upon your inner reality of thoughts, ideas, and imaginings.

Simply stated, your environment is a magnification that reveals what is going on internally within you.

Because you are human, it is normal for you to hold onto things longer than necessary. It’s a survival mechanism that attempts to keep you safe because, at a core level, everything you are connected to has allowed you to reach to this place in your life alive.  You learn, adapt, grow, and outgrow some of the things and ways of being that have gotten you this far.

Yet sometimes we can get so caught up in our daily lives that we become unconscious to our state of mind and if it will support our continued development. That’s when you can use your environment as an indicator of your alignment to deep personal joy and fulfillment or any adjustments that might be needed along the way.

So when you realize you’re ready to create different experiences than the ones you most often do, this simple strategy will help you create deeper meaning and reach even more of your highest potential.

1. Clean something.
When you’re not paying attention, things can start to pile up.  Clutter can build in your physical surroundings.  A stack of papers here, a tower of dishes there, a closet crammed with clothes, receipts shoved in a box, … The small things compound until you eventually feel overwhelmed and bogged down.

The same thing can happen with your thoughts. A single independent thought can shift and intensify into a belief or story you keep repeating to yourself, regardless of whether or not it is accurate.  The powerful feelings that arise from those thoughts are then reinforced by those same thoughts which in turn influence your behaviors and actions for better or worse.

So when you’re ready for your next level or to experience something new, clean something.

Not only will the physical act of cleaning allow your subconscious mind to mirror your cleaning by finding unconscious aspects of yourself that also need tending to, but it will also cause a shift in the energetics within and around you.  It will allow you to release any stagnant or pent up negative energy and alter your experience and relationship with it so that it may become more conducive to your goals.

Nature abhors a void and will rush to fill it.  Allow the positive flow of energy to align with everything you desire.

2Release something.
Let go of the things that are old or outdated so that you may welcome in those that are new and expansive.  Release the constricting thoughts, ideas, relationships, obligations, behaviors, and patterns that no longer serve you or that stand in the way of achieving your goals.  Give yourself the permission and the space to discover what you want so you can understand what you need to liberate yourself from as you step into a more authentic version of who you are becoming.

3. Declare something
Get clear on precisely what you want – what you want to feel, have, do, or experience, and who you want to be – and then base all your thoughts and actions around achieving it.  Call it in.  Put sound and vibration to your desires so that they may be energetically drawn to you on a quantum level where everything is connected. Your clarity and commitment are an act of creation.

4. Nurture something.
Your focus toward love and compassion naturally shifts your energy into a state of positive attraction and creation when you nurture something or someone.  Smile to a stranger, share your affection with your pets, embrace your loved ones, show tenderness to yourself.  Joyful acts of service ripple beyond the acts themselves and will always come back to you in kind.

Your life is bigger than you.

You are here in this life on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose.

The best way to live that purpose is for you to use the clues around you to guide you, align with your highest potential, and take the action to achieve your goals.

I’m cheering you on as you do!


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