Your fears may come to pass

Energy flows where your attention goes.  

It’s the way of the universe.  

Whatever you focus your energy and attention on is more likely to manifest into your life.

So when you focus on all the things taking place that are not the way you’d like – the things that make you unhappy, frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed out – the more prominent they become in your life and awareness. It’s the proverbial black cloud that follows you everywhere.

That’s why the thing you fear may indeed come to pass.  Because not only is your subconscious mind filtering out everything that’s not in agreement with your focus, but you’re placing into the receptive (and non-judgmental) Universal substance the exact thing that you do not want. 

In order to free yourself from the cloud, or to avoid what you don’t want, a significant shift of belief and expectations is required at their source within you.  You can only receive what you believe is possible or what you feel you deserve. 

If you feel nothing good ever happens to you, or the stress, burnout, and heartache is all there is for you, then the Universe will gladly deliver more of that to you.  

Anything outside of your beliefs and expectations will be doomed to self-sabotage and/or rejection, even if the best of the best is delivered to you.  Your expectations will impact the outcomes you experience because they influence the inner and outer actions you make.

Yet the same is also true when you look for the things that make you feel happy, proud, confident, abundant, and aligned.  You suddenly discover more of those things in your life and unexpected opportunities to experience more of them.  

Sometimes you can get off track and find yourself in unwanted encounters or experiences; life doesn’t always go according to our plans.  But although you cannot directly choose the exact circumstances of your life, you can influence and direct the outcomes you experience.

So, what does that mean for you and how do you move forward?

  • Take a close look at what you’re currently experiencing in your life right now.  Ask yourself how it aligns with what you are currently believing and expecting to happen.  What do you really believe is going to happen in the coming days, months, years for you?  Are you constantly waiting for the next shoe to drop or are you looking for the next blessing to come to you?
  • Identify what you can shift in your beliefs and expectations that will create a transformation in what you experience.  How can you see things differently that will allow you to feel happier and more peaceful?
  • Hold the expectation and belief that your life is working for you and on your behalf, no matter what you see in front of you.  Regardless of outside appearances, be committed to discovering the spiritual blessing that is unfolding for you in every moment.

Maybe it’s time for you to give yourself permission to get out of your own way and choose another way of thinking that feels better.

What would that look like for you if you fully believed that you were meant to step into the longing within your heart and that the universe will support you in every experience to make that possible?

I’d love to witness you do just that.

Sending you so much love,

Krysti xo

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