Your subconscious speaks… are you listening?

If you’ve ever felt you’re your own worst enemy, you’re not alone.

Many people I’ve worked with over the last two decades felt out of step with their ability to achieve the things that were important to them.  They often thought they had to push or force themselves to do the things they knew would help them move toward greater joy and success because it didn’t come easily to them.

When they felt the boundaries of their beliefs and comfort zone, this inner resistance caused them to unconsciously sabotage their efforts and, for many, they ultimately began to settle for less or sacrifice their goals.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In every moment, of every day, your subconscious mind is speaking to you. 

Learning to communicate with this part of yourself will propel you toward stronger relationships, better health, and greater abundance.

Once you understand how to interpret the messages from your deepest self, you’ll be able to identify your underlying thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your goals, as well as the best steps to reach your goals.  This clarity will help you overcome any inner resistance you may be feeling and give you the confidence to move forward.

Regardless of what stage you’re at in your personal development, your subconscious mind will continue to offer new layers of insight and opportunities for growth and expansion.

The easiest way to tap into your inner world is to get curious.

When you feel like you’re hitting a wall or when success feels uncertain, check in with yourself.  Without criticism or judgement, notice what you’ve been experiencing that brought you to this feeling.

  • What actions are you taking that are incongruent with achieving success?  Are you procrastinating, avoiding, distracting, or straight up sabotaging yourself?  Notice how your actions are out of alignment.
  • What’s happening within your body?  Do you notice more tension, discomfort, illness, or injury?
  • What are the thoughts or fears that are coming up for you?
Getting curious will keep you from blaming and shaming yourself.  Your goal is to listen to how your subconscious mind is speaking with you.

When you’re experiencing success, take a moment to pause and reflect upon how and why there is positive movement towards your desired outcomes.

  • Notice the actions you took that created your success.  How did you know those were the best actions to take?
  • Notice your physiology – How does your body feel differently in times of success and happiness compared to times of struggle?  Where are the areas that feel perhaps lighter or more open?
  • Notice your thoughts about yourself.  Discover the thoughts and beliefs that enabled you to achieve success despite any obstacles.
Giving yourself permission to tap into the communication from your subconscious mind will give you the insight you need to shift your life for the better.  You’ll be able to live a divinely guided life so you can discover success on your terms, fulfill your life’s purpose, and make an impact doing what you love as you step into your highest potential.

That’s what it’s really all about, don’t you agree?

Now’s the time to get out of your own way so you can get down to the work you’re meant to do in this life. Go all in on who you truly are and let yourself soar.

You got this,

Krysti  xo

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