You’re not running out of time

In a world that glorifies the external markers of material accomplishment, the pressure to achieve, to reach milestones, to be “on time” can be overwhelming.

We don’t always hear about what it takes to make your dreams come true, or even how to build up the courage to dismantle the life you’ve built for the life that is calling to you.

You are not running out of time, my love.

Every moment, every experience, every pause in your journey is perfectly designed for your growth and expansion. What may seem like a delay or a detour is often the universe aligning circumstances and opportunities for your highest good.

Divine timing always works in your favor.

Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Give yourself the grace and the space you need to navigate your current situation to the best of your abilities. Find the support that will help you explore yourself more deeply so you can break through any inner resistance that may be keeping you stuck. Let yourself be led by intuition so you can reach your fullest potential in every moment.

Each phase of your life requires a different version of you, a new depth of understanding, and a fresh perspective. The lessons you’re learning now are preparing you for the next chapter, ensuring that you’re ready when the time is right.

Personal growth is not a race.

Allow yourself to embrace the present without the weight of urgency. Recognize the value in every step you take, even the ones that feel slow or stagnant. These moments are not wasted; they are the fertile ground from which your future blossoms.

Use them to learn what you need to learn. Become willing to shift and transform yourself into who you can be so that what you desire can reach you.

Remember, you’re not behind.
You’re exactly where you need to be.

Divine timing is guiding your path, ensuring that when you arrive at your desired “destination”, you’ll be equipped with the wisdom, strength, and insight you need to thrive.

As a result, your relationships will flourish, your health will improve, you’ll feel more fulfilled in the big and small moments, and you’ll prosper in countless ways.

So tell your monkey mind to hush. Refuse to be led by your fears or the expectations of others.

In this moment, give yourself permission to breathe. Release the pressure and the self-imposed deadlines. Trust in the process and in yourself. Open to deeper faith and the belief that all shall be well.

You are growing, expanding, and evolving beautifully, and there is no rush.

I’m here for you when you’re ready.

With love and trust in your journey,

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