Spring Fever

Spring has finally sprung here, and the world has once again become palpably alive.  The birds now wake us with their early morning songs and the sun rises up to greet us sooner than before.  You can feel the hustle and bustle of activity in every living thing, most especially from within yourself.

For me, there is always the strongest sense of aliveness in spring.  Everything is gearing itself toward expansion and growth.  For new life and new possibilities.  The wisdom on how this unfolds is innate.  The birds don’t wonder how they will nest and raise their young, nor do the buds concern themselves with the proper way to unfold.  They simply trust themselves and the process.  Then they get to work with what is in front of them.  They take action to move them towards greater fulfillment.  The birds gather their sticks one by one, and the plants reach for the sun.  That is how to progress.  Taking one thing at a time knowing and trusting you will get there in the end.  It’s the journey, remember.  So I invite you to do the same.  Unlock your potential, experience your possibilities, and watch as things magically unfold.

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Earth Day was yesterday and I hope you took a moment out of your day to reflect upon the foundation that supports you and affirmed to tread lightly so that it continues to sustain you. The sweetness of life is all around. Look out and experience all that this world has to offer you.

This weekend my family will also be participating in a river clean-up project.  As we remove the garbage that has settled upon the land, I’ll take it as an opportunity to reflect upon my own inner landscape and toss those things that are no longer useful or are inappropriate.  I do hope you’ll take a moment to do the same in your own life. 

Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in the past or meander aimlessly without a direction if we are not conscious of what it is that we wish for ourselves.  Sometimes our old goals, dreams, and expectations no longer match the person we’ve become.  So it’s beneficial to periodically clean your internal world.  I offer you an opportunity to take a moment to do so today. 

Action Item:  Whether you achieve your goals depends on whether or not you take action. But what determines whether you take action in the first place?  It’s your motivation level.  So, simply pick your Top 3 goals, then answer the questions on this Understanding Your Goals sheet.  The information you identify will help you feel clear, focused and more motivated to achieve your goals.  I’d love your feedback on how this worksheet helps you to clarify your motivation to achieve your goals.


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As always, unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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