Oh my gosh is it frustrating when you watch someone getting in their own way and there’s nothing you can do about it!  You can almost anticipate the outcome when you see the writing on the wall and know where it will lead.  Yet they are blind to it.

It’s interesting, and quite odd at the same time, when you can understand someone else so clearly yet they are resistant to acknowledge what you see.  It makes me wonder what others can understand about me that I have been reluctant to claim.

Perhaps you have felt the same.

Or maybe you are the one that continues to run into the same wall a hundred times and keeps blaming the wall for being there.  I know I’ve succumbed too often to that myself in the past.  But eventually you grow from it.  Eventually you realize that if the wall is going to be there, then it would be a better use of your time if you came up with a different plan to get where you’re going.

The funny thing is that on your way over, around, under, or through the wall that used to give you such difficulty, you are often witness to the chaos of others.


Occasionally when you call out words of support or encouragement, you can help someone escape their pain.  More often than not, they need to discover the truth in their own time and on their own terms.

Yet I’ve found that once I’ve discovered my own path to get beyond the wall I’ll never stop reaching out to those that are in need, even if they don’t know it or aren’t ready to acknowledge it.

Because I’m tired of others slamming into that wall over and over.  Because I know that they deserve more.  Because the path works.  Because one day, they will be ready.

Just like you.

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