A reminder you’re doing great

Let me just tell you that you’re doing great.

Because sometimes life gets hard and we need someone to remind us we’re not as far behind our desires as we may believe we are.

It can be easy to lose your way when that happens. Self-doubt can creep in as you try to understand why difficult things happened or how things could have happened differently.  That’s often followed by a loss of confidence in yourself or what you knew to be true, which can then easily lead to a disconnection from your faith that things are working out for your highest good.

That’s when many people find themselves overworking, numbing out with an extra glass of wine at night, avoiding things they once loved, or binge watching Netflix.

Interestingly, the times when things are most difficult are the exact times when things are trying to fall into place on a spiritual level.  The old must fall away if there is to be room to embrace the new.

It’s an opportunity to lean more deeply into your spiritual practice, surrendering your desires to the greater wisdom of the Universe. Letting yourself release your tight grip on needing to control all the outcomes because sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Yet if you can allow your faith in the divine wisdom guiding our world to show you the way, you will experience greater peace through the transition into who you are becoming and everything that is meant for you.

You may not always feel like you’re accomplishing what you want or that you’re showing up the way you would like to or that things are working out the way you’d like them to.  That’s normal.

But always remember: Life is working out for your benefit and each experience is a doorway to your greatest possibilities.

So when life gets hard, feel gratitude for the deep insightful lessons it’s revealing to you.  You don’t have to fight the difficult times or wish they were different.  Let them reveal to you an authentic truth hidden beneath the surface of the external world…

And when life is easy, feel gratitude for the ease and grace in which you are flowing.  Embrace the experience of connection with Source and know you can tap into it during ease or difficulty and allow it to ground you with your next best steps to move forward.  Because your experiences, for better or worse, are all meant to serve and support you on your journey to fulfilling your highest potential.

So let me remind you…

You’ve totally got this, my friend.

and I’m cheering you on.

Sending love,
Krysti xo

P.S. You’re dealing with a lot of things and managing them the best that you can, yet sometimes it takes help from the outside to show you your blind spots or to give you new tools to navigate the uncharted waters.

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