Are you willing to commit to your best possible self?

Are you merely dabbling in creating the happiness and fulfillment you want or are you truly willing to go ALL IN and fully commit to living up to your full potential? 

It’s all too common for many people to say they want to make a change toward better health, stronger relationships, more financial abundance, or living their life’s purpose but far too often they never reach it.

They let the voice in their head become louder than the voice in their heart.

It’s a sneaky way we sabotage ourselves when we want something different. We rationalize our current reality and the limitations it presents rather than making our decisions based upon our deepest desires.  

Maybe you’ve done this yourself, too.  I sure have.

It can be easy to justify why it’s not the right time to make the necessary changes (you tell yourself you’ll just wait a few months when there’s less going on, ideally when Mercury is out of retrograde), or maybe there’s a cost involved (telling yourself you need to save up until you can pay in full for it, all while spending your extra cash on splurges that are gone before the end of the day), or you don’t know what the next step is or how to take it (you feel stuck and don’t know what to do but haven’t yet sought out a solution to get unstuck).  

Rather than living from a space of trust, worthiness, and self-love, you instead let fear lead the way and allow uncertainty, self-doubt, or self-imposed limitations to determine how you move forward.  

If you’ve ever set intentions, read books, registered for programs, or told yourself that you want more than the life you’ve been living and “life” suddenly got in the way, then this has happened to you.

Because when you are fully committed to something, it doesn’t matter what comes up in life. 

You become willing to overcome any obstacle or situation that presents itself to you. You do what it takes to make the change happen.  You are willing to get uncomfortable and look at things differently so you can transform into the best version of yourself, knowing that your mind and ego will try to offer plenty of reasons for why things (and you) should stay the same.

When you lean into the belief that you’re here for a reason and the things that are important to you are important to you for a reason, it’s then that your life begins to transform.  

You will discover the courage and conviction to do nothing less than what it takes to make your desires come true when you allow yourself to trust the longings in your heart.

If you’re truly honest with yourself, , have you been merely dabbling in those things you say are important to you or have you committed to becoming your best possible self?

If you’ve already committed to yourself and making the things that are important to you a priority, congratulate yourself.  Then take a few moments to reflect upon your next best step toward the fulfillment of your desires. 

If you haven’t yet, there’s absolutely no judgement.  Simply ask yourself what’s been getting in the way and what you’re willing to do differently to connect more deeply to your own worth and the spiritual lessons you’re in this life to experience and learn. 

More of the same won’t get you to where you want to go.  

What will get you there is a greater willingness to commit to your life’s purpose and living your highest potential so your life becomes everything you dream it could become.

I’m cheering you on.

Sending lots of love,

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