Asking the Universe for a sign

When was the last time you asked the Universe for a sign and actually trusted that you would be guided?

If you’re confused about asking the Universe for a sign, you’re not alone.  It can be easy to fall into stress and uncertainty and begin to doubt yourself, the process, and even the signs (or lack thereof) themselves if you don’t remember the Universe is working with you and for you.

When you trust your connection to the Universe and allow yourself to be guided, you will be lead in the right direction.  The Universe has a bigger and better plan for you than what you have in mind or can imagine.

Aligning yourself with the Universe is opening communication to an ever-present energy not bound by space or time.  This is the same energy that is within you and is free from ego and attachment.  Living from this place of connection and dialog will allow your path to unfold with ease before you.

You will feel you’re no longer alone in the world, but are guided to make your best decisions.  You will receive the reassurance you’re headed in the right direction and feel a sense of peace and certainty within you.

Just this past weekend I wanted confirmation on a decision I was uncertain whether or not I was on the right track with.  So I clearly asked the Universe, “Is this (my decision) what I’m supposed to do? Give me a sign by noon tomorrow if this is the right direction.  Show me a peacock as my sign.”  A peacock isn’t normally something I would think about or see often and it was the first thing I thought of so I trusted it was the correct sign as I turned over my request to the Universe.

The next day my parents made an impromptu visit to my house.  Shortly after they arrived my mom shared how she won some earrings a few weeks earlier.  My ears perked up when she said they were in the shape of a peacock and there dangling from her ears were two blue peacocks.  My mom had unknowingly provided me with the sign I was looking for.  It was just after 2pm when they arrived so my sign didn’t arrive at exactly the specific time I had requested but close enough to be an undeniably crystal clear ‘coincidence’ and the confirmation I was looking for.

Signs are everywhere if you know how to ask, release your fear or control over receiving them, and become receptive to receiving them.

The simple steps to receiving signs from the Universe are:

  • Get clear on what you’re asking confirmation for.  What is the question or desire you want guidance with?  
  • Ask for your sign.  Don’t get caught up in what your sign should be, just choose whatever comes to mind first as your sign and identify a timeframe to receive it.
  • Turn your desire over to the Universe.  Trust and surrender to the wisdom of divine guidance that is supporting you always.  Let go of any expectations of how this should happen.
  • Receive your sign.  With patient awareness, be alert to the presence of your sign (of lack of sign).  Notice your feelings once you receive your sign.

You may need to clear some fears or strengthen your faith in your connection to the Universe before you start seeing signs but it will happen.  You may not always get the guidance you were expecting but you will always be led in the direction of your best and highest good.

That’s really what we all want anyway… to live our best life and fulfill our highest potential.

This is a way to do just that.

Sending lots of love,

P.S.  If manifesting or connecting to Source or the deepest part of yourself hasn’t come easily for you, there is hope.  Most of us haven’t been taught how to hear our inner voice let alone the voice of the Universe.  CLICK HERE and we can talk about getting you some support to strengthen your abilities so you can be led by your deepest truth.

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