Breaking The Story That’s Keeping You Stuck

What’s the story that is keeping you stuck?

It’s all that mental chatter than tells you you’re not good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, and all the reasons why something won’t work or you’ll fail.  It’s the automatic justification that presents itself whenever you entertain an idea that is out of alignment with your deepest beliefs.

“I’m not smart enough to go for that promotion so I’ll just settle for the job I do have.”

“My father was an alcoholic and told me to keep my mouth shut so I should just keep my thoughts to myself.”

“I could never wear that sexy dress because I’m too heavy and what would they say or think if I did.”

“Who do I think I am to take a day off for myself when I have to drive the kids to practice, take care of Mom since she hasn’t been doing well, and my workload is over the top?”

The thoughts we say to ourselves are reflective of the deepest beliefs we hold about ourselves and our place in the world.  They help us to make sense of the world and what is possible for us.

Yet a belief is just a thought we keep repeating, and you can change a thought.

So my invitation for you is to sit with your thoughts and identify what keeps coming up for you when you stretch yourself or reach for something new.  Then eliminate those blocks as soon as you discover them. That’s the key to change the mindset that’s kept you stuck.

Remember, you have the power to change your life.  The question really is if you are willing to claim your power completely. (Hint: You are and so much more of your life is waiting for you to go all in.)

Big hugs,

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