From breastfeeding to nourishing the world

This morning I was thinking back to the time years ago when I was breastfeeding my daughter.

Without being anyone different than who I was, simply by offering what was inside of me, I was able to nourish and sustain a beautiful soul. Sure, it took some time to figure out how to do it and to learn the way that provided us with the greatest ease, yet even in those moments when it felt awkward or difficult, she was still receiving the gift I was offering.

Soon there came a time when it became something we both got good at. Giving and receiving. Being in the moment. Trusting ourselves and the other to bring forth their best. Knowing that I can help someone to grow, simply by offering what was innately inside of me, and that I didn’t have to become anyone different than who I was or change what I had to give. Knowing that it was enough, and good.

These reflections reminded me how each of us can do the same for others. We each have gifts inside of us that will nourish and sustain those we encounter.

The perfection of our truth is what will change the world in our own special and important way. Yet sometimes we are afraid or don’t know how or are hesitant because of what others may say. What I’ve realized is that none of that matters.

What does matter is that you have within you the power to help others grow, and the sooner you step into who you are meant to be, the more peaceful and fulfilled you will feel.

You will figure out how to do it.
You will become more confident in living this purposeful life that is authentically you.
You will know that you inspire others simply by being who you are.

You are ready and the world is waiting.

Much love,

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