Creating the good vibes of clear direction

Do you create uninterruptable time to dedicate yourself to your dream?

The #1 most important thing you need to do to reach any goal is to get clear on what you want for yourself in very specific detail.  What does it look and feel like in your life, and why is it so important for you to accomplish it?

If you want deeper connection with your partner, see yourself looking into your loved ones eyes and seeing the love reflected back in theirs.  If you want more meaningful memories with your children, imagine yourself playfully sharing special moments with them.  If you want greater fulfillment in your work, feel the ripple of the impact you provide when you allow yourself to live in your zone of unique brilliance…

Use this time set aside to affirm, strengthen, and reinforce your desire and commitment to stepping into an experience that’s more aligned with the life you feel called to live.

The powers of visioning and manifestation set into motion the energy, vibration, and momentum of your desires toward you.  The greater the aligned and inspired action you take during this heightened resonance, the greater the speed in which your desires will come to you.

Clarity creates certainty.
Certainty creates purpose and direction which lead to movement and momentum.

Things are actually much closer than you can imagine.  Your role in manifesting is to ask and believe so you can receive.

Release the outcome and allow yourself to be in the joyful feeling of moving toward your desires.  Find the joyful opportunity available in each situation, no matter what your current reality is.

When you get clear and focused on what you want, you are asking.  Through the process of identifying an outcome, your subconscious mind will filter out every outcome that does not meet or match your expectation.

When you feel as though it’s already yours, you are believing.  Your subconscious mind takes this feeling and belief and impresses it upon the Universal mind where it is received as truth.

Your desires are first received and created energetically and spiritually before they will manifest into physical form.  As you stay in harmony with your desires, you create an energetic coherence that attracts what you desire to you.

Along the way, the Universe is guiding you, giving you signs.

Your clarity and positive feelings are also signs that you’re maintaining vibration with what you want.  The more you can get into the energy of certainty that what you want is already yours, the easier it is to stay in faith that it will soon show up in your reality.

It all begins with dedicating the time to get clear on what you want and finding the joy that’s in the current moment.  The good vibes you create with that focus will cause mountains to move so the miracles and magic can appear.

It’s time to expect more miracles, don’t you agree?

Lots of love,

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