Don’t Just Survive But Learn To Thrive

In this picture with my mom and daughter, taken a week and a half ago while we were on our vacation together, we had no worries. We laughed, bonded, and created beautiful memories at one of our favorite places. Things changed drastically once we got home, on so many levels, as I’m sure they have in your life as well.

Almost everyone I’ve talk to around the world has been asked to isolate and insulate themselves, either by choice or by direction. There’s constant bombardment of doom and negativity everywhere you look and in sooo many conversations. People are acting out from their shadow side, their fearful side, making things more difficult than they need to be (for themselves and others).

Everyone is feeling mentally drained, physically exhausted, and spiritually depleted.

Maybe you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, too?

If you’re a parent, you now have much more that you’re juggling than you were only a few weeks ago.  Your demands have doubled and there’s no end in sight.  Or perhaps you’re a business owner who is looking at the uncertainty of what this disruption means for you and the future.

Maybe it’s showing up for you with low energy and your motivation to do the things you need to do has gone out the window (just like your comfort and routines), and the desire to numb out or self-soothe has taken over.

Perhaps your faith has been shaken as you ask the questions of how something like this could happen, but don’t yet have any answers.

More than likely, you’re mindset has taken a hit too as you navigate the ups and downs we all are facing.

So many people have shifted into survival mode, living in fear. Are you one of them?

We need to not just survive these uncertain times, but thrive.  

This situation unfolding around us can be an invitation to go within, and by doing so, you can shift the outside world around you.

It’s an invitation to release the old ways of doing things and open yourself to a more authentic connection to who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

You can regain control, even when things are out of control, so that you can make your choices based on faith rather than fear.

You can lean into and appreciate the change so that you can relax into the unknown and open yourself to the possibilities that await you.

You can discover the motivation to do the things you want/need to do when you tap into the deepest essence and remember why it’s important, so that you can make the impact you’re meant to make in the world.

You can deepen your spiritual connection and remember that everything is happening for your best and highest good, no matter how it appears in the moment.

You can shift into a more empowered mindset so you can become a powerful co-creator in your life, rather than a helpless victim of circumstance, so that you find the opportunities in each moment.

You can shift into the understanding that there is a blessing in every storm.  It changes your outlook as you take a step back to discover the synchronicity and perfection at play, and how it will lead you to new and deeper treasures in your life.

Out of chaos and into the calm

Because I teach and live all the practices and principles I share with you, I have been looking for the opportunities to serve you more deeply and completely, especially during these uncertain times.

I created a brand new Self-Care Survival Kit program to help you thrive, not just survive.

It’s the survival kit that will help you transition and grow more than you thought possible in these uncertain times. Due to what’s happening in the world, I’ve taken sessions that are normally included in my higher level packages, and I’m making them available individually for a limited time only.

You need deep self-care and inner focus when your life shifts in unimaginable ways. This may be your opportunity to do just that.  Click here to learn more.

Big hugs,

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Have you heard of pronoia? It’s the opposite of being paranoid – it’s the belief that the universe is conspiring for your best and highest good.

In this week’s video I talk about pronoia, overwhelm, and finding the opportunities in our situation.  Send me a reply email with how it impacts you.  Click here


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There’s one thing you must do before you can live your vision, no matter what it is, and it’s creating your VISION. My friend Cynthia is hosting a brand-new, complimentary interview series in which 21+experts, including me, reveal how to manifest your vision through actions, along with practical strategies for developing a mindset rich for outer transformation.

It’s called Your Vision 2020 Summit, and it begins March 30th.
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I know that sometimes, especially during times of uncertainty, things can be hard.

Maybe you’ve been feeling frozen, doing nothing, and now that you’re super isolated, things are getting worse.

Or perhaps you’re feeling the impending doom as it feels like the chaos is all around you.

If you were already going through some things it may now feel like your head is about to explode with everything else you’re dealing with.

Now is absolutely not the time to NOT get support. You need it now more than ever.

Let’s hop on a confidential call and talk about your situation. Even with all the social distancing, you are not alone. I can help.

Book a call with me here 

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