Rediscovering yourself isn’t a straight path

It’s rare to hear someone say their life has turned out exactly as they planned.  

Mine sure hasn’t.  What about yours?

Like nearly everyone else, I’ve encountered many setbacks, unexpected hurdles and heartbreak, and times when I wondered how I could have gotten so far off-track from where I thought my life would go. 

Yet those same twists and turns, moments of self-doubt, uncertainty, and confusion have lead me to a deeper connection with my true purpose and power.  They’ve shown me the depths of my own inner resources, the parts I needed to heal, and ignited sparks of passion that grew into experiences and opportunities I could never have imagined for myself.

Rediscovering yourself, especially after you’ve experienced a significant life event or strayed from who you feel called to be, takes courage and faith in something bigger than what you can see for yourself.

Exposing the underbelly of your truth requires vulnerability and a commitment to stepping into the fullness of your experiences, who you are, and ultimately who you are meant to become.

It can be scary to not only be willing to see how your experiences and beliefs have lead you to the place in your life where you are right now and how you’ve both helped and hurt yourself along the way, but it can be just as frightening to claim your true power and potential.

Yet at the same time it can also be exhilarating and liberating to finally shed the parts of you that no longer align with the future you want so you can reconnect with who you are becoming. 

Along the way of becoming the best version of yourself, your path will continue to offer opportunities that will lead you more directly toward your highest potential or those that take the scenic route.  There is no judgment regarding which is better as you’ll more than likely travel each of those paths on your journey.

Here are three areas to be aware of to help guide you toward a straighter path:

1.  Beware of Shiny Objects
Your path of self-discovery will often lead you to unexpected desires and insight that’ll take you down rabbit holes and detours for a time.  Those side-tracks can be an attempt to distract yourself from facing what’s in front of you or simply because you’re not quite sure of your next best step. 

When you discover you’ve been chasing ‘shiny objects’ that won’t bring you closer to greater joy and fulfillment in your life, be willing to pause to recalibrate yourself.  They highlight an area of your life that needs attention and introspection, and will help you to deepen your understanding of what you want and what needs to shift in your life as you move forward.  

2.  What’s Old is New Again
You may encounter things you thought you’d resolved in the past come back into your life and trigger you again.  It’s not that you weren’t effective in your healing, but rather that you’re now in a new place in your life with a new perspective. The spiral of understanding takes you to new and deeper levels you weren’t aware of before.

When these topics present themselves again, be willing to take a closer look at your true beliefs and expectations so you can discover yourself in new and wonderful ways and see how far you’ve already grown and where you can grow even further.

3. Find Your True North
Aligning with your life’s purpose and the person you feel inspired to be will allow you to make choices from a grounded and centered perspective.  You’ll allow yourself to tap into your inner guidance system to decide what’s best for you, knowing which choices will get you closer to or farther away from your desires.  

You’ll no longer feel fed up with the disturbances in your life because you’ll be connected your best and easiest way forward as you’re guided by intuition and direction.

So although your path more than likely won’t be a straight line, the curves and unexpected surprises can feel calmer, more fulfilling, and provide greater joy along the way.

Here’s to you, , finding your true path!

Much love,

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