Resisting your resistance

Avoidance, procrastination, uncertainty… they’re sneaky ways your mind will keep you stuck. 

Perhaps you’re thinking of starting that passion project you’ve been dreaming about for years, asking for the promotion you know you deserve, or ditching the corporate grind so you can start your own business and have more time freedom…  

But then you tell yourself you’re not good enough to start that project yet, you decide to wait to see if the promotion is offered to you first, or you’re unsure about how to be successful on your own so it’s probably safer to wait another year until you have things figured out better.

Or maybe it’s more personal for you such as having that important conversation with your spouse on what you need in your relationship, creating a plan for improving your health and vitality, or eliminating the commitments in your life that keep you from spending meaningful time with your children…

But then you tell yourself you need to wait until the perfect moment to have that conversation, spend hours researching which meal plans and exercises are best for you, or you’re not sure how to eliminate your unwanted obligations so you decide to go through the motions and fulfill them before you’re able to be present for your loved ones the way you want to be.

Your particular form of sabotage will greet you when you’re on the edge of your next level.  New level, new devil.  But it’s really the same old devil that shape shifts as you get closer to embracing a new way of being.

Yet it’s possible to resist your resistance.

When you’re crystal clear on what you want and clear on the things that will allow you to feel aligned with the life you wish to live and how you want to show up in the world, it’s easy for you to identify when you’re facing your own resistance.

When you spot your resistance, that’s when you pull out your tools to take it apart:

  • Identify what you are resisting.  Understand what the ultimate outcome you’re resisting looks like so you know what’s at stake.
  • Look for the fear, self doubt, or limiting belief that is behind the resistance.  The self-sabotage you’re experiencing is meant to protect you in some way.  Figure out how it’s keeping you safe.
  • Shift that sabotage into a belief that helps you reach your desired outcome.  
  • Work with someone like me to help you release the underlying resistance so that you have a solid strategy to reach your fullest potential.

You’ll be able to transform your resistance into motivation much quicker and easier when you do.

So take a moment to think about where you might be avoiding, delaying, or not moving forward on the things in your heart, and discover if it’s really resistance that’s showing up.  Then take a deep breath and tell yourself, “The time is now.  I’m ready and I believe in myself.” 

I believe in you, too, and am cheering you on.

Lots of love,

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