There’s a miracle in the mess

There’s a miracle waiting for you to discover it.

It’s right there in the unexpected news you just received, in the unfulfilling career that fills your day, in the relationship struggles you’ve been having with your partner, in the project that didn’t go through, in the challenges with your children, and even in the diagnosis you hadn’t planned for…

Beneath the chaos and disorder that’s appearing on the outside lies an opportunity for a miracle.

Within every encounter, conversation, or situation there is a deeper spiritual lesson that is being offered to you. If you look hard enough and deep enough, with openness and honesty, you’ll discover an insight that’ll help you align more deeply with Truth.

The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles calls a miracle a correction, a shift in perception, a return to love.  That’s exactly what’s needed when you find yourself experiencing something that doesn’t feel good. Getting into the positive flow of love keeps your vibration high so you can more easily fulfill your highest potential by living the life you’re meant to live.

Truly, some of the ultimate goals in life are to feel good, to know that you matter and make a difference, and that there’s meaning to it all.  When you’re off-track you can guide yourself back into the frequency of acceptance, appreciation, joy, and love.

So how do you do it when you feel like Life keeps holding you back, beating you down, or not going your way?  You ask for a miracle.

In asking your Higher Self for the gift of a miracle, you are opening yourself to this correction of perception.  You trust that life is working with you, for you, and on your behalf.

Your present reality is merely a reflection of your beliefs and expectations, one in which you can adjust as needed so you can feel good no matter what is taking place.

Have you been feeling good, , or have you been stuck in unhappiness and discontent for longer than you’d like to admit?

I’ve spent my fair share of time in moments of frustration, disappointment, and uncertainty, too.  But I’ve learned the easiest way out is to be open to a shift… to be willing to receive a miracle.

In order to get to that place where you have that awareness, tap into your feelings.  Allow your emotions to provide an indication of your alignment with your purpose, your goals, and the Universe.

You can also tune into the sensations of your body and notice what it’s telling you.  Does it feel tight and constricted, heavy or dark?  Or does your body feel light and energized, open and expansive?

Then be willing to release your attachment to your present situation and the story you’ve told yourself about it so you can experience the miracles and magic that are waiting to be claimed.

You are worthy of feeling good in life and creating a life you love, don’t you agree?

I believe it’s your time and you’re ready for the next step.

I’m here for you,
Krysti  xo

P.S. I’d like for you to really think about how happier and more fulfilled you’d be if you truly allowed yourself to become who you were born to be.  Your relationships would be stronger, you’d be happier and healthier, and making more money because you’d be aligned with your purpose and doing what you love to do.  You can have a life where you expect miracles and are living your best life possible.

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